Thursday, December 10, 2015

The likelihood of this scenario for Ukraine, Donbass,and Russia is now increasing

The "battle plan" of surrender is now coming into view:
1. Making the life of the people of Donbass ever worse, more miserable, and unsustainable in order to make them regret of ever thinking of revolting against the fascists and wanting to join Russia. This is being done both from without (shelling, blockade, etc.) and from within.
2. Under these conditions, preparing elections as a way of Donbass incorporation back into Ukraine under the fascist, anti-Russian rule.
3. The difficult part here is the control over the border and the disarmament of the NFA. Possibly, experience with Nicaragua in 1990 serves as a model and inspiration.
4. The pressure both from without Russia and withing the Russian ruling elite appears to be on strengthening the hand of the would-be liberals led by Kudrin and pushing into the background the siloviki, thus allowing Russia's re-incorporation into the New World Order on new terms and under new conditions. For this full and carefully orchestrated cooperation from Putin and his command is needed.
5. As part of this new phase, Russia might also more openly join the "US-led anti-ISIS coalition" in Syria and declare this as a victory and a mission accomplished.
6. A similar strategy is likely to followed toward Crimea, but this can be extended over few years. Both real and played ineptitude, corruption, and neglect could also, in conjunction with new "elections" or vote, be used there to change "the facts" and their perception.

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