Saturday, December 5, 2015

Lyndon LaRouche: In 1979, the US, CIA, and I already knew that the USSR was to break apart; but I and U.S. intelligence wanted that defeat of the USSR to end happily and with Russia free of nuclear weapons, but the British and their Russian agents in power messed it all up

An interesting talk (confession) by Lyndon LaRouche emerged. It seems that LaRouche made this public speech soon after the outbreak of the 2008 economic crisis.

Lyndon LaRouche at 3:50: In 1979, we in the highest political, intelligence and strategic circles of the US already knew that the USSR would fall apart some years down the road. The process that would make it so had already begun then.

At 5:00ff: I was the original and true father of Regan's Strategic Defense Initiative ("Star Wars")--its real goal was to prepare [and ensure] the crush of the Soviet Empire. The plan was worked out first in the intelligence circles.

At 7:50: Andropov refused my (and Reagan's) Strategic Defense Initiative because he was under the control of the British.

At 8:30-10:15: The Star Wars program was meant to help the USSR get free from its nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, Andropov rejected the plan on which, as its father, had been working from 1975 on.

Objectively, Gorbachev was a traitor to his own country. From the mid 1980s the situation became very clear--people who cannot be characterized otherwise than as traitors of their country. Today, these people are there in power. They might not to be on the utmost top, but they are a very important factor. They are connected to Great Britain. From the mid 1980s there were trained and prepared by British intelligence and today these people occupy key positions in Russia. And they are the key impediment to saving Russia from demise.
At 10:50: Gorbachev and Chubais were part of the British school of treason--both from the Soviet and the Russian patriotic point of view.

At 11:00ff : The main problem of Russia, the main enemy, is the Rothschilds' and British intelligence's control over Russia. It was them, not us, who planned and carried out the devastating policies of Russia and Yeltsin in the 1990s.

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