Monday, November 30, 2015

Is Russian oligarchy about to move toward a liberal authoritarianism or more open anti-Russian dictatorship? published a report that says that Putin's former long-term finance neo-liberal minister and then/now one of the leaders of the official "liberal opposition" to Putin is expected to join Putin's administration where he would be working side by side with Surkov. In the light of the recent opening of the Yeltsin center, which was actually a self-styled reunion of the Russian government and its supposed liberal opposition and the principal agreement between Obama and Putin reiterated today with the complete and "accelerated implementation of Minsk," as demanded by the US and Kiev, there are good chances that the power in Moscow is now decisively moving toward establishing a fuller (neo)liberal authoritarian regime or dictatorship, which, of course, would also radically transform and redefine the whole meaning of the word "liberal" for the conditions of Russia.

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