Saturday, December 12, 2015

Assasination of Pavel Dremov

Pavel Dremov, the last formerly outspoken critic of Minsk among more widely Novorossiya commanders, but one who kept low public profile after Mozgovoy's death (true strike in the back), was killed today together with his driver. Dremov's assassination took place on the very next day of his yesterday's weddin

The killing of Cosack Commander Pavel Dremov fell on the Day of the Russian Constitution adopted on December 12, 1993.

Formally, Putin's mentor and Kseniya Sobchak's father, A. Sobchak, and late Nemtsov, the previous leader of Russia's official 5th column, are held as the putative fathers of this constitution. It is now, however, a common knowledge that, as in the case of the Ukrainian constitution and other post-Soviet constitutions, the new Russian constitution was composed by U.S. experts and then translated into Russian. The Constitution is not only a (neo)liberal constitution, it is a colonial constitution. It says that international norms have priority over Russian sovereignty, the Russian government is forbidden to have any "ideology," and the Central Bank must be independent of the government, that is, to be in fact a filial of the US Federal Reserve.

Speaker of the Federation Council, pearls-loving Valentina Matvienko declared that there is no need to ever change that this constitution and that she hopes that this will not happen as far as she can think.

First findings indicate that the explosive device was planted INSIDE Dremov's car. Much like an "inside" job

Boris Rozhin published today information that has a direct bearing on the assassination of Pavel Dremov and a still more damning effect for Igor Plotnitsky and his Surkovian party put in charge of the pro-Minsk LPR (scratch the "people's" part).
A document prepared by a Public Relations group (PR is one of Surkov's sovereign domains in Russia) of Plotnitsky's political party named in the Orwellian fashion as "Peace to the Lugansk region" (LPR or republic is replaced with a general local, geographical name--Luganschina) identified Pavel Dremov as being too negative toward Plotnitsky, and, in the final column, the document concluded that the only way in which the risk posed by Dremov can be lowered was "exclusively by force." Look at the bottom part of the screen shot from Rozhin's post:

Cossack Ataman Kozitsyn on the assassination of Pavel Dremov: The car in which Dremov was killed was a wedding gift, and the explosive already came with the gift. Just like Bednov (Batman) Dremov is a victim of "the dirty work of the traitors of Russia ... the 5th column which is selling out lives and interests of the Russians ... they are hyenas," "other people like Dremov are being imprisoned in Lugansk, as we speak, they are tortured, beaten ...." Via Boris Rozhin

El Murid: “Soon the Minsk process is to be drawn to its end, those openly opposed this betrayal were already cleaned, now has come the turn of the potential dissenters.” "Скоро окончание минского процесса, несогласных с предательством уже зачистили, теперь пришел черед потенциально несогласных."
This is the Minsk policy for Donbass: :removing best,true national leaders and heroes to keep the space reserved for crooks, thugs, criminals, traitors, and sell-outs.

LDR authorities promised to find Dremov's assassins fast--as fast they did in the case of Mozgovoy,Ischenko, Bednov.

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