Friday, December 18, 2015

As Medvedev was leaving China, the Chinese unveiled the true state of the Russian nation: the Russian government has driven Russian into a systemic crisis and a geopolitical blind alley

The Chinese decided to send a clear warning (more than a warning in fact) to the Russians and they timed its publication right on the moment when Prime Minister Medvedev finished his four-day visit to China. Given the seriousness of the situation, they also made it public, which, for the Chinese, is a very grave step indeed. The Chinese state press agency published a material under an inconspicuous title "Commentary" by the Director of the Russia Institute of the Chinese Academy of Contemporary International Relations.

Immediately, the importance of the article and its main message was recognized in Russia, and the article and comments on it are spreading like a fire.

The Chinese analysis of Putin's Russia is right on the spot:

1) The protracted economic crisis in Russia, which has been lasting now at least from 2012 already, has now become a SYSTEMIC crisis--the crisis of the Russian economic and political system as such. It is a crisis of the whole system. This systemic crisis cannot be solved without solving the antagonism between Russia's financial

2) The Kremlin's/Putin's Ukrainian/Donbass policy has driven Russian into "the most serious strategic deadlock/dead end." Russia's "dead end."

Russian commentators appear to get the Chinese point--the Chinese are alarmed and they are thereby sharing with the public that they concluded that they are compelled to issue a "red card" to the Russian government for both its economic and social policies at home and for its foreign policy and geopolitical course.

The Chinese analysis is spot-on.

The post-Soviet, colonial governance of Russia based on corruption, lies, plunder and betrayals has been fulfilling "Brezinski's Grand Chess Plan."

Besides El Murid's incisive commentary (, you can also see, for example, here

Stepan Sulashkin, Director of the Russian Center for Political Thought and ideology, on China's "friendly warning" to Russia that the Russian leadership has led Russia into a "strategic dead end."--see the link:

The article published only in Russian on the Chinese central, official news agency at the very moment when Medvedev was leaving China is being received in Russia as the much necessary statement of the truth, which has been missing from Putin's statements and speeches, not to mention Medvedev's talking points.

Reportedly, Russian-Chinese trade has fallen by one third this year, and Russia is now not even among the 10 greatest trade partners of China.

The video with Mikhail Delyagin on the meaning of the Chinese gift of a helmet with virtual reality to Medvedev has been removed, here is another version (see my comments below or go to my blog for more):

Mikhail Delyagin, a leading Russian economist on the meaning of the gift in the form of a helmet of virtual reality which the Chinese leadership gave to Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev during his recent official visit to China:

1. The gift and its symbolism was, of course, mocking and humiliating, but also very meaningful
2. for it truly and precisely captured the meaning of the course of the Russian government, which,
3. judging by its declarations as well as Putin's own statements, is living in a virtual reality.
4. but it is not just the creation of such virtual reality, Medvedev and his government is also sabotaging Russian national interests
5. by taking on the air that he himself believes this virtual reality, Putin is marching in the direction in which the Russian famous proverb sends people (in situations in which Americans use a four letter word directed against oneself).
6. Putin presents the way he treats this virtual reality as "humanism" which he understands as the imperative to "protect one's own"--in this case, the criminals which only increases the cruelty directed against the victims--the people.
7. in doing so, the government is betraying its own obligations and behaves like the proverbial Chinese cat, which does not do its job
8. in this way, the Russian government is doing all it can to make the year of 2017 a true year of '17.

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