Friday, December 25, 2015

Zakharchenko pulling out all the stops in lying to the people: Equivalent to harakiri as a leader

When a "leader" lies so much and so blatantly, the notion of leadership is nullified together with any lingering shadow of honor. The numbers inserted into his speech don't indicate the number of the points but the number of the lies, Zakharchenko is able to utter in so few sentences.

Alexander Zakharchenko: "The military success allowed us a breakthrough [1] in foreign politics and on the diplomatic front, which the Minsk Agreements have undoubtedly become. Let’s be honest [sic; 2] - we have managed to do something incredible. During the Minsk negotiations we were able to impose [3] our political will on our opponents, we were able to attract [4] the leading European powers as guarantors and we managed to reach [5] the main objective at this stage, which is the ceasefire [6] and an end to the suffering [7] of our people. ... ‘There is a point (in the Agreements) which implies the coordination of all processes with the DPR and LPR. Owing to this point we have created [8] the basis for further reformatting the state of Ukraine... I hope that the change of regime in Kiev will happen soon [9]."

Yes, utterly a Surkov's man whose motto might well be: "Yes, we can lie completely shamelessly even if it means selling you all to the fascists. Surrender and treason are a victory and an incredible success. And we are on our way to reformatting the Russian soul into a state of slavery and oligarchic indenture, hoping that, in the process, the people too would be not different from our national oil and gas."


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