Thursday, December 31, 2015

Putin orders a snapshot poll for Crimea asking whether it's OK to recognize them as Ukraine's in Moscow's new electricity agreement with Kiev

Putin just ordered a snapshot poll for Crimea and, in doing so, he ordered on behalf of his government and Russia to ask the Russian citizens of Crimea an illegal and unconstitutional question, asking them whether they would not mind if Moscow recognizes Crimea and Sevastopol as "integral parts of Ukraine" in the agreement on "resolving" the ongoing electricity blockade of Crimea imposed by Kiev via its "activists" and "volunteers."

"Русские, сдавайтесь!" это к вам говорить "ваш" пресидент. Пресидент Mole.

"Russians, surrender! this is your president talking to you! President Mole.

After all this is the message and point of Minsk 1 and Minsk 2 for Ukraine and Donbass whereby Putin recognized the Nazi regime as legitimate or actually as the sole legitimate representative of the Ukrainians and the Russians living there and whereby he committed himself and his government to restoring sovereignty of this Nazi, anti-Russian regime over the remaining part of Donbass--the "unrecognized" republics as the Kremlin insists on calling them.

RT reports:

"Vladimir Putin has ordered a public survey in Crimea to find out whether an electricity supply contract with Ukraine would be welcomed by residents. ...Russian Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak told journalists Thursday that President Putin has instructed a national opinion research center to learn whether Crimeans support the very idea of receiving electricity from Ukraine, the country Crimea voted to withdraw from in March 2014.
The president ordered to make an urgent social survey in Crimea and the city of Sevastopol ahead of signing a new electricity supply contract with Ukraine,” Novak told journalists.
The All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) has already conducted a phone survey. The results are expected to be presented on January 1.
The poll includes two questions. The first one inquires whether Crimeans would support signing a contract for electricity supply that mentions Crimea and Sevastopol as integral parts of Ukraine, something the Kiev authorities has been insisting upon.

The second question asks if Crimeans are ready to suffer a certain shortage of electricity for the following three to four months (in case they vote against signing a contract with Kiev). Ukraine used to provide around 70 percent of Crimea’s electricity.
..."Ukraine has for a long time disrespected the contract for power supplies to Crimea," Novak said. "We have seen electricity pylons blown up, some armed mavericks who allegedly did not allow repairs to them, and lots of other nonsense."
...Aksyonov called the disruption of the electricity supply to Crimea a terrorist act, adding that “Crimeans have had a good lesson” and Russia will deal with the situation.
Ukrainian electricity company Ukrenergo says it will fix the pylon by Thursday night. The cutoff coincided with the expiry of a power supply contract between the company and Crimea."
According to Russia's energy minister, "President [Putin] thinks it is right to conduct this survey before making the final decision about concluding or not concluding the contract [with Kiev]."

"По его словам, президент считает правильным провести опрос, прежде чем принимать окончательное решение по заключению или не заключению контракта."

After signing into law recognition of old debts of the Crimeans to the Ukrainian banks, which is to be now enforced and exacted via Russian collectors, Putin in his royal wisdom also ordered a quick "social poll" the first question of which asks the Crimeans whether they would support signing a contract between the Russian government and Kiev for electricity supply that, in this official, government agreement, recognizes Crimea and Sevastopol as integral parts of Ukraine.

The recent auctioning of the priceless collection of the Massandra wines in Crimea (and Putin's and Berlusconi's drinking of one of the five over 200-year-old brandy unique bottles from Massandra for $100,000 a bottle, but otherwise priceless) is then just a drop in the ocean in the utterly spineless, amoral, dishonorable, hypocritical position of Putin, the "Mole," and his government. 

A Minsk process for Crimea has begun. 

The absence of any serious work on securing power for Crimea for the first 1.5 years since Crimea became Russian, the blocking of any of the promised 15 billion rubles for Crimea officially earmarked this year, the resignation of Aleksey Chaly, one of the heroes of the reunion of Crimea with Russia and the immediate campaign against him by the Kremlin, Putin's downplaying of the importance of Sevastopol in his latest press conference, are all tale-telling signs of the bursting of the bubble of Putin's greatness and the political and moral bankruptcy of Russian oligarchy constructed as a colonial regime with rapidly diminishing and disappearing deniability and claims to patriotism and the contrary. 

El Murid:  

"...Первый вопрос: поддерживаете ли вы или нет заключение коммерческого контракта с Украиной на поставку части электроэнергии в Крым и Севастополь, если в нем будет указано, что Крым и Севастополь являются частью Украины..."
В принципе понятно, что именно хотел сказать всем этим президент. Ему нужно сослаться на мнение народа, дескать, он против такого указания. Хотя если это мнение уже было высказано на референдуме, а затем закреплено в конституции, то спрашивать по второму разу как-то нелепо.
Но новация интересная. Ее нужно распространить, углУбить и расширить. Провести соцопрос среди жителей Курил на предмет указания того, а не являются ли они частью Японии, у Татарстана - про принадлежность к Турции, у Петербурга - насчет того - считать ли Петербург пригородом Хельсинки или наоборот - Хельсинки объявить дачным поселком петербуржцев.
Любопытно, что проводится соцопрос - то есть, вне зависимости от его результатов юридически он вообще никакого смысла не имеет. Тогда какой смысл его проводить для того, чтобы заключить юридически обязывающий договор? Только чтобы запустить дискуссию по поводу "А не поторопились ли мы?"

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