Sunday, June 7, 2015

When you do exactly what your enemy wants you to do, you will certainly and easily defeat him, says the consensus of the leader's fan club on FB

Putin: DPR/LPR should remain under Ukrainian control--"this position [is] a sound precondition for negotiations." 

It is not like the West or the junta insisting on the very same thing as a precondition ... for, well, unconditional capitulation or anything like that. That's what Moscow itself always wanted and wants. The West accepted this demand only under a great pressure from the Kremlin and after some very high-powered 3D, 4D, 5D diplomacy, which crushed Western diplomats into dust. That's why the West demands complete fulfillment of the Minsk agreements--just like Moscow does--but with all the threats and sanctions against itself if Moscow does not deliver.

Once Donbass returns to Ukrainian (junta's) control, the junta will run there with the help of the West and Moscow an absolutely "fair, open, democratic, just, and transparent elections," most likely allowing all the pro-Russian and antifascist opposition, which the junta now outlawed, or at least some of it. Yes, there is nothing strange about having fascists or even Nazis turn into the world's most examplary democrats once they got exactly what they want.

The happily defeated, that is, reunited people of Donbass would certainly outvote the rest of Ukraine and the junta and the Nazis would be easily defeated once the junta counts all the votes from those elections. If you don't know or believe in this secret cunning plan of Vladimir Putin, then you must be either out of your mind or no ability to think for oneself.

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