Tuesday, June 9, 2015

In the aftermath of Pushilin's and Deynyego's (two Putin's walking dictaphones) acceptance of Ukraine's sovereignty over Crimea

The DPR and LPR published of "their" (read Moscow's via Surkov) amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution. They avow nothing less than this: "We want to be part of Ukraine." Under the Nazis for the sake of "peace." Ever since Minsk 1. 

Incidentally, this would also commit them and the Novorossiya Army to the rest of the current Ukrainian Constitution--its foreign policy and defense, as well as the position that Crimea is part of Ukraine and ought to be defended and demanded as such. 

Boris Rozhin comments here and says: "I will repeat myself--if any Russian citizens were part of composing this document, then this constitutes a crime in the attempt at at the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation. Besides all the questions with respect to the poor information policy over Ukraine."
"Повторюсь, если к составлению документа причастны какие-то граждане России, то там по факту есть состав преступления связанный с покушением на территориальную целостность РФ. Это помимо вопросов связанных с некачественной информационной политикой на украинском направлении."

Remember Putin's words from his recent Italian interview:
1) The Great Patriotic War of the Soviet people is  a "tragedy," which "no one has the right to forget," "because we must think about how to avoid the repetition of anything like that in the future."
2) We are undoubtedly allies [with the West/the US] in the fight against terrorism. Today's terrorism in all its various manifestations is very much like Nazism ...” Sounds like the truth.

3) At numerous times, Putin praised the greatness of Ivan Iyin, his thinker of choice," who, if you actually read his piece on "Fascism" (see my earlier blog), praised the "greatness" of German Nazism, its anti-Soviet, anti-Bolshevik "greatness," and, if he (Ilyin) saw anything wrong with it, those were just "mistakes," which made Nazism lose the war to the Soviet Union in 1945. Ilyin tried to be helpful in that respect and had a whole list of things which needed to be rectified to fix that.

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