Monday, June 1, 2015

The Brookings Institution just leaked US intended three-steps-away move--the "central point" of its strategy towards Russia over Ukraine

Michael O'Hanlon, the Brookings Institution, published an article that, in the second half, lays out Washington's current options, strategy, and demands that are being made against Russia (exchanging empty promises for capitulation on the ground). At the end, O'Hanlon identifies the US further obvious goal (one to follow after enforcing what the letter of the Minsk Agreements does  say). This three-steps-ahead move, which is even dubbed "the central point," reads as follows: "The central point is this: While Vladimir Putin deserves the main blame for the Ukraine crisis, we would all be much better off if we could walk him back to a place in which he can desist from such behavior in the future." "Walking" Putin to a place in which his freedom to (mis)behave would be impossible? Sounds like a prison or Saddam-like execution. Sounds like a (US) central plan."

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