Monday, June 1, 2015's article was merely a beginning of the Empire's shout from the rooftops, following the Kerry-Lavrov meeting in Moscow on Syria: "Russians left Syria!"

It is now clear that's article on Syria, which I highlighted and critiqued yesterday, was but an early start of a new propaganda, political and military offensive led by the US and all al Qaeda wings and branches trained, armed, and thrown by the US/Empire-led coalition against Syria.

For, in content and message, nearly identical articles are showing up today in the Western "mainstream" corporate media, as exemplified here by the International Business Times, prominently featured today on Yahoo news feed. This start of this new big offensive, which is backed by large ISIS offensives on the ground, comes just several days after Kerry met Lavrov in Moscow last week and after Lavrov and Kerry both boasted and bragged how positive the meeting was and how they "began to agree" with each other.

While Donbass is being strangled by Minsk phony ceasefire, the US and al Qaeda armies are trying hard to knock out Syria and reduce Russia to "partnership" in her self-effacement and isolation.

In terms of the political message, both and the Western corporate media are now triumphantly claiming that "the Russians left Syria."

Those who followed me for some time do know by now that, it has been already some time since I started thinking of not quite few Lavrov's pronouncements and positions as lame.

In the face of the US-led new great push against Syria with the help of all the al Qaedas and their variously coded and fancifully named brigades, Russia can (of course?) duck and avoid taking any public and principled stance, but one can have no doubt that the destruction of Syria and the regime change there is the sole objective of the Empire. The other strategic objective is creating the best possible conditions for a destruction and regime change in Russia as well and Syria and creating an image of Russia as an unreliable ally and friend is a major objective for which Syria itself is but a means and prerequisite.

The Empire is systematic and its foreign policy is well planned. Russia matches this with appeals to "partnership," which the West does not even bother to pay attention to  for the West is content to paint Putin as a "new Hitler" and Russia as an Ebola virus, the "aggressor" who happens to be a state and who also happens to sit over the largest land real estate in the world.

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