Thursday, June 11, 2015

Just a passing comment on "Fascism as a force for peace" and today's Nazism 2.0 as a tragedy mixed with farce

Fascism or, in fact, its more virulent form, (Ukrainian) Nazism as a "force for peace"? Why not, if that's what Washington wants us to believe, and if there is no conscience to cry out. Similarly with the "moderation" for the armies of al Qaeda and its spin-offs in Syria. 

As to the "tragedy-comedy" thing ... In tragedy, the criminal is often hurt, but he claims his innocence. For, originally, tragedy was about the suffering of tyrants. In comedy or farce, the tyrant is supposed to transform himself into a satyr and thus escape justice and suffering in the end--under a new mask and identity. Nazism 2.0.

Eric​ Draitser: "Washington continues to hold up President Poroshenko and his government of oligarchs and fascists as a force for peace...  To paraphrase the great political economist and philosopher Karl Marx, 'History repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce.' While undoubtedly true, the war on Donbass is, in fact, both tragedy and farce simultaneously."

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