Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mr. Putin No. 2: Creating the most conducive (blagopriyatnyie) conditions for Ukraine's Nazification

The strange, much Byzantine convulsions, flips and convolutions of Moscow's policies or the lack of them in relation to Ukraine does have "underneath it all' one self-betraying theme, which came out when, on May 7,2014, Putin himself urged the Russians in Donbass to postpone their referendum . To "postpone" the referendum would have killed it, and killing the referendum (clearly in the interest of the West and the Nazis in Kiev) would have also be very detrimental to the buildup of legitimacy of the anti-Maidan uprising as an act willed and declared freely, clearly and loudly by the people of Donbass. Putin made this statement aimed at the very birth of Novorossiya when meeting with an OSCE politician from Switzerland (make a guess of how much wealth Russian oligarchs and officials have stashed in Swiss banks).

Shortly after, on May 21, 2014, Putin did, in fact, define the goal of his Ukrainian policy (from now on, but also valid before) in terms of his and Moscow's support for the junta's fraudulent and manipulated presidential elections, when, with all the media in the hands of the Maidan oligarchs, no real opposition figure was allowed to run; when Oleg Tzarev did try to pursue his candidacy he was first beaten by a Nazi, nationalist crowd in the presence of the junta police and then detained by the same police. In explaining or justifying the withdrawal of Russian troops and thus also the Russian deterrent for the junta at the moment of the critical escalation of the junta's onslaught on Donbass, Putin said this: "Let me stress once more that we are doing this ... as an additional step to help create favorable [blagopriyatnyie] conditions for the upcoming presidential elections in Ukraine." RT.com tried to blunt the effect of Putin's expressed goal of creating favorable conditions for the Nazi junta by changing "favorable" (i.e. encouraging, positive, enabling) into "benign": "President Putin says it is a gesture of aimed at providing 'benign conditions" for the Ukrainian presidential election."

What Putin revealed and defined here as Moscow's actions aimed at legitimizing, assisting and securing Poroshenko, the imperial US-chosen puppet and oligarch in chief, also defines, helps explain and reveals the leitmotif and the key to the puzzle in Putin's "strategy," his cunning plans, and the stunning long-term lack of any real, genuine strategy for Ukraine before the Maidan--the common denominator was the creation of the favorable and conducive conditions for the Empire's plans and its anti-Russian Nazification of Ukraine and the much needed sheltering period for its entrenchment, mobilization, training and takeover of the Ukrainian state together with the added doze of its legitimization by Moscow itself. All this needed to carried out via the Hegelian display of the negations of the nations or posited opposites, which are meant to turn into their Hegelian opposites when demanded, and with a notable degree of subtlety, calibration, and the right amount of carefully measured escalation served in stages and by degrees, which does betray the American hand and intelligent management behind it--that is, just by the "right" amounts and doses of collaboration and resistance, ambiguity, evasion, concerns and partnership, which looks to so many as treachery--whether out of calculation or cowardice.

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