Monday, June 29, 2015

Sergey Glazyev speaks on Ukraine again: Sharp analysis (again) with a (new) Monstrous "Final Solution" lurking behind Moscow's "Clever Plan" (c)

Sergey Glazyev, Putin's adviser on Ukraine and Eurasia, speaks on Ukraine again (after a while): "In order to tear Ukraine away from Russia, the EU moved to cultivate a Nazi illegitimate regime there. This was also the main objective of the Kiev coup, the usurpation of power by the Nazi junta, so that Ukraine won't be permitted to join the process of Eurasian integration, chaining her instead through signing the EU Association Agreement. This agreement effectively turns Ukraine into an EU colony ..."

HOWEVER (yes, this is  a very big however), Glazyev then offers an ostensible solution to the Nazi, Russophobic and anti-Russian regime ruling in Ukraine in the interest of its foreign masters: "I think that we need to wait until this regime drowns in the SEA of BLOOD [of its victims], which it is creating by monstrous crimes in Ukraine and until it does choke to death on the blood of the people it has slaughtered ..."

I am alone who thinks that this purported solution is monstrous and utterly perverse? Since when do monsters and beasts "choke on the blood" of their victims? On how many millions of other people's lives, its victims, did Nazism in World War II choke itself to death? So has Moscow's "clever plan" been about letting the Nazis create a "sea of blood" sufficiently big not to swim in it more? It is not that Nazism is like a vegan. No, it is a monster that needs blood and feeds on blood and death. So here you have the essence of Minsk's demon (the genus/"genius") expressed by Glazyev himself: "We need to wait until Nazism consumes more and until it turns the blood of its victims into a whole sea, then we will pray and see whether such Nazism will then die off by itself." Sounds like a monstrous, criminal plan. Much like Nazism itself.

"Для того чтобы оторвать Украину от России, ЕС пошел на выращивание нацистского нелегитимного режима. В этом была главная цель киевского переворота, узурпации власти нацистской хунтой, чтобы не пустить Украину в процесс евразийской интеграции и застолбить это подписанием соглашения об ассоциации с ЕС. Это соглашение фактически делает Украину колонией ЕС ... Я думаю, что надо подождать, пока этот режим не утонет в том море крови, который он сотворил путем чудовищных преступлений на Украине, и не захлебнется в крови тех людей, которых они погубили ....

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