Saturday, October 18, 2014

Why people of Novorossiya know what Western political scientists don't

And thus it happens that no one else but the Russian people, recovering their own soul, have also recovered a way of using true names for the reality that threatens their very existence. No political scientists, no experts, no leaders thought of it to recover the old political term oligarchy for correctly and incisively defining the type of the regime that replaced the late socialist system from Kamchatka to Prague and beyond. Something happened, and without the screens, cues, or prompts from the media, Russian people started calling a spade a spade, and today’s political science has still not dared to catch up with the common sense of the Russian people.

Furthermore, if the official pundits and even the official Kremlin did not want or dare to call the reborn Nazism in Ukraine Nazism, common people in Donbass and Russia knew immediately what force has risen and is at war with them. And, furthermore, without having to be told by the media and the politicians who would rather tell them anything but the truth, the Russian people have also realized that Nazism is not only man’s morbidity, nihilism, and bestiality, but that it is also the will to power as the will to enslavement.

As a result, the genius of the people has moved far ahead of political science and politics of the day ossified in spiritless cowardice, professional mediocrity or, if you want, high-brow cleverness and cunning, and corresponding spiritless dishonesty. As a result of this spontaneous political awakening, which Zbigniew Brzezinski identified for the US and NATO, as by far their greatest political threat, what we see in Novorossiya as a groundbreaking systemic political rupture, which the unholy alliances of oligarchs, liberals, and new aspiring fascist Ubermen try to strangle, deny, and hurl back into non-existence.

So what is the difference between the Russians and the paid experts and professionals? The latter have their talking points to whom they serve as their talking heads.The former have a spirit, a spirit that knows because it cares. And because an ignorant spirit that can be easily deceived by the lies of the day is an oxymoron from which the Russians in Novorossiya have freed themselves.

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