Thursday, October 30, 2014

Briefly on the meaning of Ukraine's "pro-European choice"

Here is the essence and meaning of Ukraine's "pro-European" choice: the US, NATO, and the EU managed to find enough "naive," that is, greedy Ukrainians who are or were willing to adopt and embrace hate of Russia and the Russians for an illusion of being paid for it by the West so that, by betraying their heritage, roots, and their ancestors, they would get richer and have no-visa regime with the EU, neither of which is true. Indeed, there was not much else, which the Ukrainians had or were able to offer to the greedy West--only their possible hate for Russia, the Russians (and thus also for themselves), which the West does, indeed, demand from them and makes them demonstrate in practice. This is the essence and meaning of Ukraine's "pro-European choice" sealed by Ukrainian thieving oligarchs and their zealous Nazis. A union made somewhere in Hell.

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