Friday, October 17, 2014

Teaching of Novorossiya's International Brigade

Five Spanish communists have arrived to join the international brigade fighting for Novorossiya and thus making a common cause with French and Serb nationalists. The battle is now moving from the right-left divide toward a stage where the orientation is less "right versus left" and more of the higher-level of thought versus the new "barbarism" in the hire of the liberal elites. The old polarity was dividing mankind by splitting man into two from the outside, while uniting them through materialism and the ego. The new polarity is a matter of the spirit.

"The opposites corresponding to right and left are different from the opposites of above and below, both in extent and degree. This is also demonstrated, for example, in that designation like 'Nordic race,' though purely geographical, is still more precise than is the equally geographical opposition of western and eastern races … Everyone knows that the 'Western Hemisphere' is more specific than is an eastern hemisphere. This difference has been evident since time immemorial. For example, for the natural horizon, north and south signify the limits of night and light, whereas east and west flow into each other and are only the 'opposite flowing of a little to night and to light.' Thus all stipulations and demarcations, especially lines drawn [in terms of superficial polarity] remain arbitrary, as long as they are not based on [true principles--on the truth and the axis of the spirit]."

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