Saturday, October 11, 2014

What can a Novorossiya soldier, a Strelkov's man, teach all of us, including a Platonist with a Ph.D.?

Strelkov's comrade in arms from Slavyansk with a name de guerre Sever (North) speaks his mind. Among other things, he says that there has not been a better system than Soviet socialism. Why? Two things: 1) everyone had a work, and the right to work was the grounding of man's dignity, 2) related to that was Soviet socialism's early achievement (as opposed to its officially "developed" or decadent and dying form) encapsulated  in the slogan and greeting: "Honor to work."

Honor, a virtue, previously a supposedly aristocratic value, had been won by the people.  This concept of honor was and is very different from the liberal/bourgeois or American sense of "being special" whereby one caresses one's ego/egoism.

The Soviet sense of honor was tied (horror of horrors!) to the common good: "Everyone is free to win honor if s/he serves the common good according to one's abilities." To achieve honor meant to serve the common good. Part of this agon for honor was for men to serve in the army. In other words, what was truly animating the system and giving it its energy, life, and purpose was a moral, ethical idea of the intertwined notions of honor and the common good.

When Soviet leadership and bureaucracy became dead to the idea of honor and the common good--hence to the idea of the good, the system started to die and stink from the head down. For, in this way, the leadership, as opposed to the majority of the people in the Soviet Union, died to what was making the system alive.

Fighting for Novorossiya and thus also for the Russian nation's rebirth, Sever has won his honor back. The struggle of Novorossiya is bringing honor back to people who were and are treated by oligarchs and Ukrainian Nazis as their supposed slaves. Strelkov's men and women are bringing the idea of honor and the common good back to life.  They are bringing Russia back to life.

Meanwhile, oligarchic Moscow tries to strike a deal with Kiev's Nazis in order to avoid all this. They want to remain feeling "special" as "partners" of the Empire.

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  1. A struggle for the return of honor as a beacon of hope for a World bound in humiliation. Eternal thanks.