Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Empire loves chaos, but even evil has its logic, albeit demonic (which they don't teach in political science classes on Research and Methods)

Ukrainian most-out-of-closet Nazis organized a 20,000 demonstration and protests ton October 14 in Kiev. They demand ending the "farce" of democracy and the "monstrosity" of liberalism in order to establish a full Nazi military dictatorship. As Iryna Farion explained this requires replacing "elections" with executions of Moskals.   Nazism as the ultimate ratio of "efficiency" demands a radical simplification of things and "facts" of life. Ukrainian Zombistan has reached a point of a dead spirit, which, like the shadows in Homer's Odyssey, are now lusting and craving after more blood, which they feel to be unjustly deprived of.

If, for the sake of a hypothesis, one was to grant that a devil was real or, as a minimum, that the powers that be do have a Satanic mindset, then, given the Soviet and Russian victory over Nazism in World War II, what would these sociopathic minds consider to be the most awful and most humiliating revenge against the Russian people? Once you ask this question, you might start seeing in the darkness the emerging outlines of the devilish master plan ... and that's where Bulgakov's farce of the Master and Margarita, in which Bulgakov treated Satan as the hero who makes things and people happen (or not happen), is ceasing to be a farce and becomes a policy and the Empire's strategy with Putin wondering about the right discount and price of gas for the Nazi regime in Kiev and Medvedev arguing that the best strategy is to trust the government and make more money out it.

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