Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Slavery and death: Maidan's message to Russians

This Nazi character of Maidan and its desire to treat the other (i.e., the Russians) as slaves or/and as someone made to be killed comes out audibly from the video “poem” by Anastasiya Dmytruk, which went viral after it was posted on March 19, 2014. The original video collected views over 2,200,000 views (as of October 21,2014), and a song later made with its lyrics reached by October 2014 almost 4 million views.[1]  Next to the video “I am Ukrainian” made in English for the global audience by Yulia Marushevska and Graham Mitchell with over 8,250,000\ million views as of October 21, 2014), [2] Dmytruk’s video (in Russian) became the second best known PR stunt of Maidan. In accordance with the imperative “The Medium is the Message,” which emphasizes form and the medium over content, many people became captivated by the appearance of the speaker and by the fact that she is a young female and paid little attention to the content of her message besides its heading “We will never be brothers”:
You have no spirit to be free. … You are many, but without a personality (character). Volia [a perfectly Russian word for freedom] is the word, which you don’t know about. From childhood, you are all held in bonds. For you silence at home is gold, but, in our hands, Molotov cocktails are set to go, our blood is afire and our eyes are fearless. … Rats [you] are hiding and praying in vain, they will wash themselves in their own blood.[3]
Dmytruk’s message, once one starts listening to its content, becomes clear. For her, Russians are slaves and “rats” deprived of speech and individuality. Moreover, if Maidan used Molotov cocktails as a weapon of choice against the unarmed police, then less than two months after the poem was posted, the Kiev junta did use Molotov cocktails praised by Dmytruk as a main instrument of murder of the antifascists during the Odessa massacre on May 2, 2014.

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