Sunday, October 5, 2014

Shaker: Novorossiya Should Put up Ukie Flags in Order to Defeat the Junta and "the AngloZionist Empire"

Speaking of false flags ... while I wanted to go back to finishing a poem on Theseus, the bastard who happened to be a king (after being a Leviathan transformed into a mortal) or continue with comparative readings of Shakespeare's Tempest and The Winter's Tale or do some other chores like minding my own business, I happened to be asked to give my take on Shaker's "Russian Response to a Double Declaration of War."

Taking out the fog and the extras, Saker's 6400 words long piece boils down to this proposition or advocated, insinuated course of policy for Moscow and Novossoriya. For the sake of economy, I inserted few of my immediate reactions into the text within square brackets:

"Of course, Moscow can probably force the local Novorussian political leaders to sign some kind of document accepting Kiev's sovereignty [this document has a name, it is called the Minsk Accords], but that will be a fiction, it is way too late for that.  If not de jure, then de facto, Novorussia is never going to accept Kiev's rule again [unless fictitiously sold them as a "fiction"? ... see further:] and everybody knows that, in Kiev, in Novorussia and in Russia. What could a de facto but not de jure independence look like?
[Here comes the central part:] No Ukrainian military, national guard, oligarch battalion or SBU, full economic, cultural, religious, linguistic and educational independence [political independence is missing], locally elected officials and local media, but all that with Ukie flags [Novorossiya under UKRAINIAN FLAGS?--WHO WOULD ENSURE THAT NOVOROSSIAN FLAGS WOULD BE REMOVED: Kiev-approved leadership and the "new police force" that would replace the armed forces of Novorossiya? can "local police" have any heavy weapons, for example?], no official independence status, no Novorussian Armed Forces [NO NOVORRUSSIAN ARMED FORCES, no official status!] (they will be called something like "regional security force" or even "police force"--[so this would leave Novorossiya without Novorossiya's armed forces and without political sovereignty and hence without real independence] and no Novorussian currency (though the Ruble - along with the Dollar and Euro - will be used on a daily basis) [without their own currency, the previously stated economic independence goes too--together with political independence].  The top officials will have to be officially approved by Kiev (which Kiev will, of course, lest its impotence becomes visible) [local political leadership would have to be approved by the Nazis in Kiev ... and this will show "impotence" via the right of approving or perhaps even appointing the local leadership?].  This will be a temporary, transitional [toward what?] and unstable arrangement, but it will be good enough to provide a face-saving way out to Kiev [so is saving the face for the Nazis in Kiev to be Moscow's goal?].
This said, I would argue that both Kiev and Moscow have an interest in maintaining the fiction of a unitary Ukraine. [SO IS THE BOTTOM LINE HERE THAT BOTH THE JUNTA AND PUTIN WANT TO KEEP NOVOROSSIYA UNDER THE JUNTA'S POLITICAL SOVEREIGNTY?] For Kiev this is a way to not appear completely defeated by the accursed Moskals [SO THAT NOVOROSSIYA WOULD NEED TO APPEAR TO BE DEFEATED?]."

This Shaker's proposition, which seems to be more or less approximate to what the US and Kiev want Moscow accept as a program minimum (for now) is, moreover, in direct violation of what Shaker himself defined just few lines above the portion cited here) as "Imperatives [which] Russia cannot ignore":
"[1] Russia will never be safe with a neo-Nazi russophobic regime in power in Kiev.  The Ukie nationalist freaks have proven that it is impossible to negotiate with them (they have broken literally every single agreement signed so far) ["impossible to negotiate," but that's exactly what Shaker is vigorously promoting just in the above cited part; and the junta's and Empire's "breaking of any agreement literally" would also extend to the "deal" or supposed fiction advocated by Shaker above, wouldn't it? ]...  
"[2] regime change in Kiev followed by a full de-Nazification is the only possible way for Russia to achieve her vital objectives [de-Nazification by imposing de iure subordination of Novorossiya to Kiev and hence its de iure elimination under physically present and imposed Ukrainian flags, under which the same population is being killed?]"

The fact, which we all know is that, while the Empire and Kiev do not mind violating what they sign, they are also very aggressive when it comes to demands that others do what they sign and thus turning de iure loss of Novorossiya's independence into the loss of Novorossiya itself, while, of course, telling the Russians that this will be for now just a "fiction" for the appearance's sake. What is needed under this scheme is to ensure that Kiev has the power to nominate its new local leaders, gradually replace the army of Novorossiya with its own approved local police, and that Russia and Novorossiya agree in principle that Kiev's [and hence the Empire's] sovereignty extends over Novorossiya, then only in quotation marks or very likely already renamed.

Can you imagine what moral and political damage would flying Ukrainian flags do to the people in Novorossiya? That's exactly the point.

Bottom line: it does take a certain skill to present a US strategy as the most faithful and best course for Putin and Moscow to follow. And that's exactly what the above piece tried to achieve ... in this case as so zealously and consistently before.

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