Saturday, October 25, 2014

On the "Elections" in Ukraine on October 26: The Choice: Which Nazi Group Will Best Represent the Interests of US Drank nach Osten?

A reliable source informs that Ukraine receives new batches of war planes from Poland, a NATO member. The junta's plan is to go in all guns blazing.

For the "elections" tomorrow, the question that needs to be asked is the guaranteed elections fraud by the junta, which consistently lies about matters both big and smalls. From the big matters: 1. Maidan sniper fire;  2) the Odessa massacre of May 2; 3) tortures and executions at Maidan in KIev, 4) the Mariupol massacre on May 9; 5) elections of May 25, which "gave" Poroshenko over 54%; 6) the shelling of the cities of Donbass; 7) the downing of MH 17; 8) the massive disappearances, killings, and tortures of many anti-junta activists and POWs; 9) the true character of the Nazi oligarchy ruling in Ukraine now.

In these new parliamentary elections, only pro-junta and pro-Nazi groups and their quislings are allowed to run.

As in the May 25 elections, the West and Kiev succeeded in getting out of the Russian government support for and acquiescence in these fraudulent elections that serve 1) to legitimize the Nazi regime; 2) to further Nazify the country, and 3) to continue expanding and intensifying the campaign and war against Russia.

So Ukrainians will "decide" which joint enterprise of oligarchs and Nazis got to falsify their will in order to turn the population enslaved not only by thieving oligarchs, but now also by murderous oligarchs, into cannon fodder and meat for the Grim Reaper.  Of course, while declaring a new "democratic" victory for Nazism, which has come back from the dead and is now raping, ruining, and killing a nation, which lost over 5 million to Nazism in World War II, but now is made to shout "Geroyam Slava"--"honor" to the same murderers and their zombies of today. For the Ukrainian oligarchs and their Nazis decided that as part of the ultimate perversion, which they represent, Ukrainians now need to glorify, worship and salute Nazi murder. And, lo and behold, many, many Ukrainians do just that.

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