Thursday, October 30, 2014

Igor Strelkov's interview for Neiromir-TV, October 30

Igor Strelkov's interview for Neiromir-TV, October 30:
1. Strelkov went to Crimea on his own, not as part of any Moscow's operations.
2. Strelkov is planning a marriage.
3. Even now he cannot say everything about his removal from Novorossiya. But, yes, it was involuntary. If it were up to him, he would have remained at his post.
4. His return to Novorosssiya today is not reasonable. He does not have the necessary experience and skills for commanding a large army.
5. At times, Strelkov's views differ from those of El Munir or Boris Rozhin, who, in turn, are fully responsible for their own views, which they are not coordinating with Strelkov. However, they are among those information sources, which assisted Novorossiya and which Strelkov trusts. Others are the Voice of Sevastopol, ...
6. This is a real war, not a toy war. It has to be approached seriously and pursued seriously. Otherwise, this will become an endless war.
7. At the moment of Slavyansk's total encirclement, Strelkov's battalion had very little ammunition left. Food supplies were enough only for 2 more days.
8. When Strelkov came to Donetsk from Slavyansk, he found a city doing nothing to defend itself. Neither militarily nor psychologically was Donetsk ready for defense. The police in Donetsk was managed from Kiev; the mayor was Kiev's too. Young adults were doing sports, jogging, riding bikes and fishing without giving a thought to what was coming.
9. He is a monarchist. Russia is still a quasi-monarchy in any case. Russian president is a sort of monarch, though not recognized as such by others.
10. Going back to the pre-1917 czarism is impossible. To govern should not be seen as a blank check, but as a duty.
11. Lenin and Trotsky were essentially usurpers who behaved irresponsibly towards the nation and the country.
12.  Novorossiya should not be in any way part of Ukraine. Ukraine itself is a project created some time ago by the Austrian and German intelligence service.
13. At present, the globalists are directing their main strike against Russia.
14. The makers of this New World Order want to break up Russia and the Russian nation.
15. His view of the Minsk agreements is "very skeptical," but he would not say more about it now.

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