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Asking the Kiev Junta to Make Laws for Novorossiya: "A Step in the Right Direction"?

On September 17, 2014, Putin said that the "law on special order of particular regions" in Donbass is a "step in the right direction on which he counts for a final solution." Ever since from the Geneva Agreement of April 17, Lavrov, in particular, has been insisting that the crisis ought to be solved by asking the junta to take it upon itself to change the Ukrainian constitution.

Here are some people who are in charge and in command on the part of the Kiev regime and who have been asked to make laws for Donbass in order to resolve the situation--together with their views about the people of Novorossiya:

Not only Right Sector militants or Maidan activists consider Russians barbarian subhumans and slaves, Maidan and the Kiev regime’s leaders are on record saying the same. As already noted above, in his speech to Congress, Poroshenko explicitly and repeatedly attributed “barbarism” to Russia as opposed to the “civilized” character of the Kiev regime:
Neither is it a choice between different kinds of civilizations. It is a choice between civilization and barbarism.  Human dignity is the one thing we have to oppose to the barbarism of those attacking us.[1]

In the official press release at the official site of the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, Kiev Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s call to arms against Russia rendered Russians as “subhumans.”[2] Subhumans not only denote creatures who are, according to Aristotle, deprived of logos, the rational soul, and a full mind, they are for Aristotle also deprived of politea, that is, of basic political and human rights (as we call it today). The term subhumans is also the English equivalent of German Untermensch, a term used by the Nazis to describe “inferior people” often referred to as “the masses from the East,” that is Slavs, Jews, and Gypsies who were either to be ethnically cleansed and exterminated (Hitler’s plan was to kill some 30 million Russians) or to use as forced slave labor.

Andrei Biletsky, a leader of both the Azov battalion, sporting the Nazi Wolfsangel symbol, and the far-right Patriots of Ukraine (which has joined Prime Minister Yatsenyuk’s newly formed People’s Front coalition), defined the program of the Maidan “revolution” and post-coup Ukraine in the same terms: “The historic mission of our nation in this critical moment is to lead the White Races of the world in a final crusade for their survival…a crusade against the Semite-led Untermenschen.”[3]

Just after the Minsk Accord was signed on September 5, 2014, coming from a late night meerting of the Ukrainian Security Council, Arsen Avakov, the Kiev regime’s Minister of Interior who also commands the National Guard, gave a pre-election interview in which, with a condescending smirk, he explained how he sees the people in Donbass. For him they are slaves (that’s how he defines here vatniki, a term derogatively usued for Russians); they are slaves who, in his view, foolishly decided to revolt. This is how Avakov describes the local people in Donbass:

Who are vatniki, can you tell me? … It is regrettably a very unrich, poor man who has a low paid job, who has a low level of education, who has in this life a little prospect for development or change, who cannot grasp the gifts of civilization, which provides the European choice. It is a man who is completely in the thrall of propaganda and disinformation. It is a man who has been exploited for a long time as a slave by the Donetsk oligarchic regime of Yanukovich and his comrades in every region, and he liked that. And suddenly came a resolution, a great change in his life, and the slave started playing his own Robin Hood. He decided to try an adventure—to play war. … I grant that [some of them] are led by ideas … for example, they made up for themselves an idea of a “Great Russia”or Belarus or something like that. That’s their super-idea. None of them would be able to survive a real debate … [in this new government] I am a representative of eastern Ukraine. I am from Kharkov.[4]

A normal person might think that asking a Nazi to undertake a change of the country's constitution in order to solve the problem, which he himself represents and causes, is ludicrous. But, as we have seen over the last several months, the same madness may also be presented as part of the secret "cunning plan," the existence of which needs to be propagated, but the content of which has to remain utterly secret. What kind of man would believe that he is going to be saved if he handles back sovereignty over his life to the one who sees him as a slave? What would one think of a man who argues that a people will be saved if they let those who think of them as slaves legislate for them?

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