Saturday, October 11, 2014

Have you seen your Gorgon lately? Or is some other animal's head on top instead?

Who would have thought that, at the center of Western ethos, there is a Gorgon,  a Medusa, and her stare or (“devilishly”) blinking look (depending on at which level one is caught) and that this woman’s head might be lacking a body which the headless masses are bringing to her?
If not the foundation of Western civilization, then at least one of its pillars is killing a woman because she was either too ugly/too beautiful or too dangerous or too powerful or because she just knew too much.  

Thomas Louis, Perseus Slaying Medusa

Other cultures and peoples had certainly their share of beheadings, involving humans regardless of sex or gender. However, it takes a certain spirit to build a woman’s murder and beheading into a foundational cultural myth lying at the base of the whole civilization.

Other cultures and civilizations kept women as Gods and among Gods--unless they turned "mono-" with the message:  "OK, you messed up and brought evil to us, so would you now step aside? And can we do it without the word 'please'? Old men can take it from here."

It does take a certain spirit first to remove the divine from nature and oppose it to nature and then remove the feminine from the Godhead as well in order to build the image of God in the image of and to the likeness of an old man whose love of life is either very suspect or is so strong that only everlasting fires of Hell can balance it.

Materialism was an attempt to "solve" this problem by positing the collective womanhood as a substance wiped off any quality and content. Then, beginning with Nietzsche, Freud and Jung, they discovered that this matter is neither dead nor empty, but very dark and apparently very evil and therefore very interesting and attractive, especially if new male priests like them can make something out of it again--like fascism or a "new improved" Jesus by uniting him with the denied fourth (the devil). A big portion of Bulgakov's inside joke was that communist materialists had no clue about the "matter," the spirit hiding in its abyss. So that's part of the reasons why Dugin follows Nietzsche and Heidegger.

The Medusa myth does also tell us what was required before Medusa earned her beheading. First she needed to be turned from a beauty into an ugly horror as a “punishment” for being raped by Poseidon.  There are beliefs that ennoble the human spirit and then there are beliefs that uglify it and make them headless. Deception is a form of beheading. If you want to understand what the Western civilization or capitalism is, start looking for the missing head. For the foundational deception, decapitation, capture.  To know the truth not only requires that one grows one’s head or soul again, but that one also have the courage to see the terrible for what it is.

ISIS is happily posting with a head severed from a Kurdish female fighter near Kobani, Syria. ISIS is a child of al Qaeda, the bastard of Western secret services and special forces. As we see, ISIS is acting out an old Western pagan story. The monster is the one with the finger up.

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