Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nazi Aesthetics from Ukraine: Butchered Meat of Female Bodies

Here is something what Western democrats and liberals, whether soft-hearted lovers or cold-blooded realist undertakers of the "Maidan revolt of dignity" against "Russian barbarism and tyranny," have helped come true: genuine, real, in-your-face Nazi "aesthetics."

Ukrainian Nazi show-business organized a round of beauty pageant "Super-model the Ukrainian Way." The creation of the new Nazi "ideal of female beauty" took place on October 3.

The show and photo-session took place in the bastion of Ukraine's Nazi Banderism in Lvov.

Selected TOP-10 beauties were asked to present their almost naked bodies as butchered, bloodied animal meet.

Pure de Sade and new Nazi aesthetics. Gore, sex, morbidity, necrophilia. The new "European values" as understood and promoted by Ukrainian oligarchs led by Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk, Tymoshenko, Kolomeisky, and Avakov and their Nazi butchers.

These are the mindset, psyche/psycho, "values," and dignity which the US under Obama, the EU and NATO support in its so-called "civilizational crusade" against "Russian barbarism."

It perfectly fits with the Odessa massacre and the mass graves discovered in Donbass.

Europe! It's your time to rise up against the outrage, the rotten perversity of the Empire whose ugliness is now barely concealed under the rags of supposed "democracy" and "freedom."

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  1. The West is telling us very clearly what it is by what it projects on the hated other, currently Russia. Some know of the concept of psychological projection, but fewer know that projection is energized by the personal shadow, and that the shadow aspects that are projected onto the object are then reviled. And what is this but reviling as aspect of oneself. It is a form of self hatred. The West shows us its self hatred in its hatred of Russia and any other part of the world that dares to question or stand up to the West. The West hates itself and must silence anyone that dares to critique it.