Tuesday, October 14, 2014

When slaves come back to "reason" and become sycophants of their murderous tyrants: From Purgin to Putin

Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament Alexander Turchinov signed the law on the particular order of certain regions in Donetsk and Lugansk (NO Novorossiya there). And, sure enough, Purgin, the DPR Vice-Premier, and other Moscow-appointees rushed in to praise Turchinov's signature and the junta's "law" in which they had no say whatsoever, but which is to regulate whatever is to be left of them. As Purgin declared, he hopes that, under this law, Kiev would give to the otherwise undefined "regions" more rights and local autonomy together with some funds. It is the junta's law, but one written by the US (after they brushed up their files on Krajina and Osijek), and the rest--the sycophants' praise worth of recaptured slaves, that's Putin's policy.

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