Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Putin on what it means to be a complete idiot

On October 14, Putin in his role of self-assured manager in chief made also the following statement before leaving for Serbia and G-20, which ought to include a meeting with Poroshenko, the brave oligarch in chief to fight "the Russian aggression" in the interest of the Empire and Nazi comeback. Putin might not see Nazism when Nazism is staring right into his eyes from over 400 miles from Moscow, but, as Russian President, he knows what complete idiocy is when he comes face to face with it:

"You said that some [Ukrainian] official [in the junta-occupied Kramatorsk] declared that Kramatorsk is not Ukraine. He is a complete idiot. [This] man is not only failing to fulfill his obligations [as a Nazi or Poroshenko's official?], but he is also committing a treason against his own country, as if separating from it a part of its territory [are then the people and the army of Novorossiya all traitors to Ukraine and its Nazism?]. Who gave him the right [to say something like that]? That's a complete BS."

Putin made this presidential statement while discussing human rights at the Kremlin and in response to a remark from a female guest who said that one of the Ukrainian officials refused to provide assistance to the people of Kramatorsk, while arguing that the rebellious city is not part of the rest of Ukraine.

Putin's statement has been greeted with great acclamation by Ukrainian nationalists as a gift that has fallen from the sky into their lap from the mouth of the "evil dictator and tyrant" himself, while, in Russia, it has caused stormy discussions on and off the Internet alike.

If Putin had lived under Stalin and showed the same idea of idiocy or the presence of mind, he would have been shot. Probably also tried. For those who live by phrases and cliches, Putin's brilliance of a chessmaster, his diplomatic skills and the talent to speak the mind and lead and teach the true meaning of idiocy remain to be admired.

If this makes antifascists complete idiots as well, then I am fully and proudly one of them too.

«Вы сказали, что какой-то (украинский) чиновник заявил, что Краматорск это не Украина. Он полный идиот. Человек мало того что не исполняет своего долга, так ещё и совершает преступление против собственной страны, как бы отрезая от неё часть территории. Кто его уполномочил? Полная дурь», - заявил президент РФ Владимир Путин на встрече с Советом по развитию гражданского общества и правам человека в Москве. В ходе обсуждения участница встречи, работавшая на юго-востоке Украины, рассказала, что один из украинских чиновников отказался оказывать помощь жителям Краматорска Донецкой области, сославшись на то, что этот город не является частью страны.

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PS: One day after Putin declared a divided Ukraine "a complete idiocy," if not a treason, Medvedev gave an interview and called today's Ukraine as a unitary, undivided state "a dead end."

I think that Putin was just indignant--big bosses do hate smaller officials who mess up and are not doing what they are supposedly being told to. In this, he failed to think things through. As so often in this crisis, he failed to see and understand the deeper political issue and became stuck with his first idea--the image of an "inconsiderate" ostensible insubordination of a bureaucrat, whether a fascist one or not. It says Ukraine, therefore, it must be Ukraine--"unless I've signed a decree which says otherwise, which as far as I know I have not done yet."

To think and believe that leaders of today are sages is as good as believing in Santa Claus. Childhood does have its charms, but so does adulthood.

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