Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Meaning of Novorossiya Has Been In Front of Our Eyes: The Sign of Spirit and Times on the Statue of Lenin in Donetsk

On the political symbolism of Novorossiya. Ekaterina Kornienko, Press-Secretary of the Voice of Sevastopol and Colonel Cassad, visited Donetsk and posted a picture taken in front of the "protected" ("oberagaemogo"--literally, building berega/defenses around) the statue of Lenin in Donetsk. The junta tries to destroy these monuments together with the Russians and any antifascists whom they can get into their hands. Even a statue of Lenin is for these new Nazis like waving the red in front of a bull.

However, I would like to make here thanks to Ekaterina another point. Looking at the picture, I was immediately struck by one thing, in particular. As you can see, the traditional communist symbol, which looks (to me) like recently added to the monument, appears to be modified in some not unimportant, significant ways. The hammer looks now much as a capital letter T. The sickle is also modified or simplified and thus, not really "reduced," but rather elevated to a new idea and new austere beauty.

So what a person sensitive to the language of symbols, the language of the spirit ("the language of the animals" in fairy tales) make of this?

If the hammer is no longer an instrument of brute force, but a letter, one can surmise that force has become a word, a logos. If the "hammer" is a letter, what about the sickle? Can that be now a letter too? Indeed, it can. But to see it one would need to rotate oneself--to look at the symbolism ad if from a 360 degree perspective; both from one end and the other. The sickle (except for what is supposed to be its handle) then makes a nice letter C, which, in Cyrillic, is an S. If we take the handle too, then the sickle (an old moon symbol, by the way) starts to look as a globe with an axis or  apart of the globe with its axis (which is tilted). The lifeless moon is thus becoming earth, the place of (human) life, or, if you want, with an emphasis on the East (Eastern Hemisphere); the other  "half" is lost in the dark.

But what about the letters then? We have received through the act of an unknown hand, C and T. As I said before, if there are suddenly letters in the place of tools, we can surmise that an outline of a word is being formed here. What word or words could it be?

The most natural way of proceeding would be to infer that the two letters ought to be the first and the last letters or syllables in the word. Its beginning and end. Are there meaningful and symbolic words that would fit--that would perfectly capture the spirit of Novorossiya, this spiritual and political renaissance and rebirth?

As a matter of fact, there is such a word. In fact, two very good, excellent words that fit the letters like a hand that perfectly snugs into a glove made just right.

The two words are SOVEST and SPRAVEDLIVOST. Conscience and Justice.

Coincidentally, while I noticed before that Alexey Mozgovoy already particularly emphasized the two fundamental ideas as the principles on which Novorosiya is built, I read today his new statement, in which he again emphasized one of these principals together with Svoboda (Freedom).

Indeed, considering conscience (sovest), isn't really a realization of what is just within one's spirit and thus realizing the spirit itself? And isn't then justice (spravedlivost) a realization of conscience--extended and spread through our joint thought, speech, and action? Moreover, etymologically, sovest is not just common, shared knowing; it could also be understood as "good idea" or the idea (realization) of the good. In Slavic, spravedlivost also includes a sense of "getting it right," "rectifying," "repairing," and even "leading to."

Thus, we have in front of us not only a paradox, but also a new realization. The fact is that people spontaneously decided to call their new republics "people's republics" and narodovlastie as the new constitutional foundation. And they did so-without most of them being communists. They also stood up in defense of the monuments of Lenin left over as if on the territory of the former Ukraine from the old Soviet times.

And thanks to the choice, determination, and spirit of the people of Novorossiya, old dead communism is now giving birth to a new spiritual and political revolution. Communism came, was crucified, and died. It is now a new living spirit whose conscience and sense of justice made them to rise up against oligarchs and new Nazism in defense of the motherland, justice, and their own souls.

Strelkov knows this. Mozgovoy knows this too. People know this too. And the spirit itself put its own message and signature--right there on the monument of Lenin in the center of Donetsk.

And what was needed was a woman, Ekaterina, and his pilgrimage to her native city, that allowed us to see it too. At last.

Man ceases to be a tool. In the beginning there was a Word. And the word was Logos. And Logos is Conscience and Justice that rise again together with people of Nova Russ, Novorossiya. Man has a soul again.

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  1. Very impressive use of symbolic and creative thinking. What Jungian Psychologists do with their analysands you have accomplished with human action in the collective. You have identified the transformation and purification of the symbol.