Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Putin (on his missing Novorossiya policy): "It is not possible to watch it without tears"

On October 14, after all the time and protracted deficit of leadership, Vladimir Putin tried to show at least "his human side" and "empathy" with respect to Novorossiya, the name of which he now avoids almost as much as the truth about the Minsk Deal and its consequences. This is what he said: "First, it is not possible to watch without tears what is happening there. Second, the greatest tragedy unfolding before our eyes is the estrangement between the Ukrainian and Russian nations. With all the problems it is necessary to seek a way to overcome this situation, but, I repeat once again, it is absolutely necessary to do this together with the Ukrainian authorities." The statements come at about 2:00 of the video:

In the same speech, Putin also gives a list of complains: the same "authorities" are silent when pro-Russian priests are persecuted and their churches seized by fascists; the same authorities did their best to block Russian humanitarian convoys to Donbass. But, for Putin and for Russia under his reign, to do something "unilateral"--without these "authorities"--is now treated as an anathema. The Pope--the US Empire--decried it so.
Putin made sure that he made no mention of Novorossiya or, at least, of the Donetsk or Lugansk People's Republics. Instead, Putin made it clear that, as far as he he is concerned, he is trying to "work together" with the oligarchic and Nazi regime in Kiev--but no, he would not call them in that way. For Putin, they are "the Ukrainian authorities"--with the apparent nod to their sovereignty of what the people of Novorossiya and most Russians do see as Novorossiya. But the Kremlin is now much on board with the US Empire on this and thus, unbeknownst to them, undercutting their own case with Crimea.
It is worth remembering that, like Lavrov, Putin too has a habit of calling the Syrian government, Russia's ally, "the Syrian regime" in accordance with the political and linguistic rules dictated by the West. 
But when it comes to the junta in Kiev, they are "Ukrainian authorities" and hence carries of legitimacy, respectability, and deference. Yet, as nearly everyone knows, the same "authorities" are responsible for the Maidan killings, the Odessa Massacre, the attempted MH 17 false flag, the daily killings of about 20 civilians in the city of Donetsk, the mass graves discovered, the systemic tortures and executions of the Novorossiya soldiers, the mass disappearances of pro-Russian sympathizers and anti-fascists or just normal people, 1,000,000 refugees in Russia, the glorification of Nazism in Ukraine and Nazi war criminals, and the same "authorities" which call Putin a villain, an aggressor, a tyrant. and a criminal. The same "Ukrainian authorities" are also aggressively pro-NATO and also aggressively anti-Russian. 
Instead of listening to the Russian people themselves, to the people of Novorosssiya whom Putin did not even have the guts to mention, and all the people of good will who don't support the anti-Russian policy and psychosis of the new "Ukrainian authorities," Putin insists on solving the problem of the estrangement with a regime which is anti-Russian by definition, by design and out of their deepest conviction. With the Nazis who are working hard to see Russia destroyed and/or in Hell. 
But, as Putin said, he cannot look at the result--the result of these "authorities"'s war against the pro-Russian people of Ukraine--without tears. This means that Putin's assumed empathy is either faked or very superficial. For he wants to work, as if at any cost, with the murderous regime itself for resolving the "estrangement." Or is Novorossiya perhaps guilty of all it--together with all the mayhem, massacres and terror?
So Putin is either delusional or he is lying to others as much as to oneself. Even when one is to be diplomatic, one should not be raping facts,logic, or one's ethics, not to mention principles. In this case, on top of the estrangement of the Russians from those in Ukraine who see Russians as "colorado beetles" to be burned and killed, as they did in Odessa, who support Bandera's Nazi and UPA ideology (as Poroshenko also does), who hate Russia and the Russians, Putin is thereby estranging himself from the Russian people too. That's also perhaps while the faces of the present quests look like there are at someone's funeral. Putin is burying himself as a statesman and leader. And so when he says things likes this, then suddenly, instead of a great leader of a great country and nation, there is but a talking man sitting on a chair. A man who wants to smooth it up with the Nazi, anti-Russian regime which, like wolves, cannot but lust the more after Russian blood when they smell weakness and the victim's self-abnegation.
«Невозможно смотреть без слез на то, что там происходит, во-первых. И, во-вторых, на самую главную трагедию, которая разворачивается перед нашими глазами, — на отчуждение украинского и русского народов», — сказал В.Путин в ходе встречи с членами президентского Совета по правам человека. Он подчеркнул, что, «конечно, при всех имеющихся сегодня проблемах, нужно искать путь к тому, чтобы преодолеть это состояние».... Еще раз хочу подчеркнуть: будем стараться это делать не в одностороннем порядке, а совместно с украинскими властями», — сказал В.Путин."

On the same day, when Putin was declaring his firm reliance on the "Ukrainian authorities," the same "authorities" were busy--besides continuous killing of civilians in Donbass--with their Nazification campaign aimed at turning otherwise still perfectly pro-Russian Russians in Donbass into new Ukrop Nazis, as can be seen from this photo taken in Kramatorsk on October 14:

The Kiev regime--"Ukrainian authorities" for Putin--is teaching kids to love Nazism and Hitler, while Moscow is busy helping these same people to restore and reassert their "sovereignty" (under the US management) over "Donetsk and Lugansk regions." Meanwhile, as can be seen on the poster in the photo, the Nazis are telling themselves that "God and Ukraine are Uber Alles"--above everyone else, whom it is then OK and even necessary to kill or dispose of as a slave. On October 17, Putin will be shaking his hand with Poroshenko, if Poroshenko or the US allow it, and will most likely exchange Novorossiya for Russian gas, which the junta is not intending to pay for anyway. It is a deal.

On the same day, Putin also gave an interview to a Serbian newspaper. There Putin complained that "Europe is losing fight against Nazism" and further added: 

"We are especially concerned in this respect about the situation in Ukraine, where an unconstitutional state coup in February was driven by nationalists and other radical groups. Today, our common goal is to counter the glorification of Nazism, firmly counter attempts to revise the results of World War II and consequently fight any forms and manifestations of racism, xenophobia, aggressive nationalism and chauvinism. Talking about the events of World War II, Putin said that "our nations together cracked down on the criminal ideology of hatred towards the humanity.  Today it is important that people in different countries and continents understand what horrible ramifications can be brought about by confidence in one's being exceptional, by attempts to achieve doubtful geopolitical aims as well as by neglect of basic human rights and morality. We must do everything to avoid such tragedies in the future."

Putin failed to add what he said earlier in Moscow (see above), namely that his idea of "doing everything to avoid such tragedies" requires working and cooperating with the same Nazi and pro-fascist forces that are in power in Ukraine and that his own policy is committed to help these Nazi oligarchs keep and extend their "sovereignty" over those who actually fight and oppose such Nazism--the people and the army of Novorossiya. 

It looks that Putin is trying to call the reflection in the mirror "Europe" and urges it to be at last serious and principled about fighting Nazism in Ukraine. For some, this still counts as leadership.

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