Saturday, October 25, 2014

Why Are Nazis and Powers that Be Flipping out over Novorossiya?

According to McLuhan, his “The Medium is the Message” and its Tetrad “renders obsolete all groundless dialectical and systematic Marxist approaches to interpretation of social processes and technological transformations of culture by flipping the discussion into a kind of linguistic of real words”[1]—what we might call today postmodernism. Here McLuhan is declaring nothing less than it is his Tetrad (and not, for example, Heidegger’s Nazi-friendly existentialism) that had finished off all the hitherto philosophical and political thought with a notable emphasis on singled-out dialectical philosophy (which would be first and foremost Platonism) and Marxism.

The funny or ironic thing is that, should McLuhan have applied his own tetrad and its laws to himself, he should have foreseen a retrieving reverse back into dialectical thought, perhaps renewed Platonism itself, at the end point or dead end of the existing system. As we have seen in the case of Ukraine that marks the system’s frontier, limit, and fissure, people of Novorossiya are now on their own spontaneously retrieving their spirit and souls, socialist ideals, the ideal of justice, the idea of honor, and political understanding of oligarchy and slavery, which are now united in returned, retrieved Nazism. Retrieval as well as revolutionary reversal of the dominant and otherwise advancing reaction is becoming a possibility again, and millions of people in Novorossiya are inspired by it and are fighting for it against the powers that be.

[1] McLuhan, The Laws of Media, op. cit., p. 126.

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