Saturday, October 11, 2014

Novorossiya's political and philosophical program--by Alexey Mozgovoy

So what is the core meaning of Novorosssiya, its revolution and its struggle? Some of the best formulations are from Alexey Mozgovoy, the commander of the Prizrak battalion: Justice, Conscience, Freedom (Spravdlivost, Sovest, Svoboda). Honor. The common good. 
All these ideas are tied to and grounded in the idea of the command good. 
That's why the historically new institution of the Soviet revolution and system was also grounded in the Soviets--councils of the common people. As long as they were the institutes of the common good whose conscience ("knowing together" and shared thinking of the common good) was effective and alive, the system too was alive and doing what it was supposed to. That's also why whenever I hear the word "sovet," the Slavic word for "conscience" (sovest) also comes immediately to my mind. And the radical "sa-" in Slavic languages was analogous to the Greek "eu-." It means "good" and "whole." What is good is what knows and serves the common good. Only the truth--and the good--can set man free.

Aleksey Mozgovoy: "People coming to join the militia are of a higher class today. The people that are coming are first and foremost a people led by a firm idea. For us, the greatest problem today is to unshackle personality from the depths of men and women and to extinguish in them the slave. That's the main thing. Today, people that are coming to us are namely those who are ready to do just that. Such people are coming to us every day. These people are inspired by the idea of justice associated with the promise of Novorossiya. That's the idea. This is also the idea of Russian Mir's rebirth. This is the point. This is also the starting point, the beginning which we have reached and established. .... This is also the uniting idea. So far, for all these years, we have been divided, and political parties worked on dividing us because they have been dividing us from our own self. As a result, we have bee losing faith in ourselves too. No existing party has a power to unify. Existing political parties offer only consumerist values--values which are consuming our own selves. But there was and is no spirit in them. Only spirit can truly unite us again--spirit which will establish personality where has been a slave."

Here is both the political and philosophical program of Novorossiya expressed in a nutshell.

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