Friday, October 17, 2014

How Ukrainian fascist "authorities" handled the Odessa Massacre: Phone recordings from the office of rescue and public safety

Telephone recordings from Odessa's emergency service were published from the time of the Odessa massacre. The reactions of the Odessa dispatcher make it evident that the emergency service was part of the planning and the organization of the massacre. When numerous calls started coming about the attack on the Kulikovo pole, the machine-like response of the emergency service was that the fire is "only in the open area where it threatens no one," "just tires burning," and "nothing terrible is going on." However, the service was asked by its management to monitor people's reactions.

When calls started coming alerting the emergency service that the Labor Union building was set on fire, the emergency service first tried to its worst to deny it--even though these were calls from witnesses--for example, by saying and  admitting that the Odessa authorities and the Odessa police had their agents at the site. When the denials were no longer possible, the emergency service reduced its response to "we understand" or "we understand you well." The emergency service then also falsely claimed that the firemen were already working on the site when they were nowhere to be see. Meanwhile, the people inside the building were burned to death and slaughtered.

The voice of the dispatcher shows a mixture of callousness and signs that she knew very well what was going on and thus one can hear well the torturous violence the female official was inflicting on the remnants of her soul. She and the emergency service were directly assisting the massacre, making sure that nothing interferes with its course.

So as one listens to the recordings, one can hear distinctively Ukrainian Nazism at work--and right at the moment of one of its most notorious crimes.

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