Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Man Who Plagiarized His Thesis on "Strategic Planning" and Turned Leningrad, the Soviet hero-city, into the Empire's Window into Russia under the Oligarchic Mafia

A great strategist commanding resources of a huge apparatus and its intelligence agencies explains the politics and economics of oil.

The same as above but with added cultural content:

Госудаственная тайна: во глове государства ворк, который кад государь некомпетентентный.

Всю власть Путину! Он и так не соображеет насколько губительный для России курс его правительства и анти-народный характер его друзей.

As one of the winners in World War II, the US helped Germany choose leaders like Adenauer and Ludwig Erhard. The result was Germany's economic miracle with a solidly functioning society and state.

When the US with its allies (especially Great Britain) defeated the USSR, then, in accordance with entirely other goals, it chose for Russia leaders like Yeltsin and Putin alongside with people like Chubais, Yakovlev, Surkov, Nemtsov, Kudryn, Kozyrev, Gref, Medvedev, Lavrov and others.

 Putin started off as a street hooligan and a C student who got his break with the KGB. When he came to Dresden, he derided and mocked East German comrades for still having any ideals. In their respect, he felt already much more superior and jaded. In the wild, criminal 1990s, he helped transformed Leningrad from a Soviet city into the criminal synergy of the new KGB and the mafia. This and early willing to collaborate shown in East Germany meant that he was the consensus choice among the US, the oligarchs, the Yeltsin clan, and other stake holders. The long-term Brzezinski plan required Russian covert cooperation with the plan. This in turn required to invest some sources from both sides in Putin's little personality cult.

By making psychologically savvy and competent choices (measured by its long term geopolitical ambitions), the US put in place a mechanism that works with a great measure of effectiveness and efficiency in junction with its financial, cultural and other systems of power.

Chamberlain and Petain also congratulated themselves on avoiding war. Russia has been in an economic crisis since 2012 already. In 2015, the economic crisis became a severe crisis, and during all these years Russia was buying its "peace" with $100-200 billion sent out to the West every year. 

The US lent the Putin crew some of their PR and other advisers and resources.

After 1996, Yeltsin was no longer making any decisions. His clan and family had some say, but the holder of the majority of the votes was the US. This is the way in which power is created--here, the Empire. Having won unconditionally the Cold War, the US dictated the terms of surrender and betrayal--by means of the traitors themselves, its residents, (double) agents, and whores. In this way, not only was the surrender and capitulation secured, but also the next stages of the plan and Russia's further destruction from above. After struggling hard to achieve this during the arduous years of the Cold War, back in the late 1980s and the 1990s, the US had virtually free hands to do as it pleased. And the best and most solid guarantee of the continuous victory and Russia's continuous defeat lies in the "cadres"--in selecting, recruiting and appointing the "right" people for the "right" jobs (colonization and controlled destruction of Russia) and occasionally telling them what to do, if their character does not do the job much on its own automatically. 

Defeat by inducing betrayal by the very leaders of the other side would certainly warrant approval from Sun Tzu himself.

In a way, this reformatting of Russia reminds me of the Matrix, the movie--the slaves and the manipulated need to have a sense of false choice and freedom, otherwise "the crops get lost," and the whole point is to turn them--much like Mother Russia--into a batter, a source of energy for the Empire. Then, from time to time, the system needs to be reset--the "Trinity," the soul and resistance of the people, eliminated, and you send them a gift of some Neo, a reset button, himself a computer program of sorts.

The Minsk Agreements (Minsk 1 and 2) are pro-fascist agreements with the fascists for which fascism isn't a problem, but the DPR & LPR are.

Putin: Lenin destroyed the USSR and Russia with how he governed the country!

Putin compared his struggle for a "united Ukraine" with Lenin's uniting nations & nationalities in USSR & had to praise himself as a manage. What Putin said of Lenin today does sound like coming from the mouth of a true oligarch. And true as his understanding of the prices of oil.

The Banderite Ukranian press is jubilantly spreading Putin's new gospel from today: it was Lenin who made the USSR and Russia explode! Part in consternation part in triumph, Ukrainian fascists have found out that Putin thinks of Lenin as a destroyer--the same way they do.

Certainly, if Lenin didn't help create the USSR & if Stalin didn't lead the USSR to victory in WWII, Putin's job would have been much easier.

Putin's paternal grandfather, Spiridon Ivanovich Putin (1879–1965), was a chef who at one time or another cooked for Vladimir Lenin, Lenin's wife Nadezhda Krupskaya, and on several occasions for Joseph Stalin.

Berlusconi's dear friend, VV Putin, found in Lenin the one who destroyed the USSR and Russia and he did that with a timed "atomic bomb." And the counter for the bomb came to Russia via St. Petersburg and there via Dresden and there via a boy from Leningrad into whose soul George W. Bush looked and he liked what he saw there. "How I came to love Berlusconi and got over Lenin"--a new theme for Western Putinists on the left after today.


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