Monday, January 11, 2016

Russian President on Crimea: "For me territory and borders are not important" Of course.

After asking Crimeans over the New Year's Eve if they might not object to (re)making Crimea as part of Ukraine in the energy agreement with Kiev, in his new interview to Bild Putin raised the question of Crimea by asking (philosophically and rhetorically) the German journalist: "What do you mean by Crimea?" Putin then thought it necessary and instructive to downplay the importance of borders and (state) territory: "For me territory and borders are not important ..." Sure, for the heads of states and presidents, borders and the territory of his state are not important ...

Putin to Bild: "What do you mean by Crimea? ... I understand by it people ... who became afraid ...."
"Что Вы подразумеваете под словом «Крым»? ... А я под этим понимаю людей ... которые испугались ..."

Minsk 3 is at work. Now even Zakharova is, however, upset that Kiev made its existence known and protested against its existence too much.

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