Monday, December 15, 2014

What does Yatsenyuk's visit to NATO headquarters show?

Visiting NATO headquarters, Yatsenyuk and NATO confirmed mutually highly intoxicating attraction. According to Yatsenyuk, Ukraine belongs to NATO and most of Ukraine will support the push (the junta, control of the media, and suppression of opposition can guarantee it, just like the previous two "elections").

Otherwise, note the NATO emblem was placed very sensitively in the region of the two gentlemen's organs.

But, more importantly, the NATO star, as you can see, is really a pinwheel, which, from a proper distance, starts showing between its horns or spikes a genuine Nazi swastika, properly tilted 45 degrees to the right.

Ukraine wants to be in NATO, and Lavrov said today that Moscow wants Donbass to remain part of Ukraine. Everything is connected.

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