Friday, December 12, 2014

Motorola meets "Cyborg" (A Russian soldier fighting on the wrong side) and kindly lets the "Cyborgs" have their lunch by letting it through

Моторола встретился с командиром «киборгов» в аэропорту Донецка
Командир украинского батальона в разговоре с легендарным ополченцем назвал конфликт в Донбассе братоубийственной войной.

Motorola met with the commander of the Ukrainian unit that is holding the new terminal at the Donetsk airport. The army of Novorossiya let another food supplies through for the Ukrainian soldiers which Kiev calls "cyborgs." Footnote: The term first appears in print five months earlier when The New York Times reported on the Psychophysiological Aspects of Space Flight Symposium where Clynes and Kline first presented their paper: "A cyborg is essentially a man-machine system in which the control mechanisms of the human portion are modified externally by drugs or regulatory devices so that the being can live in an environment different from the normal one."

The army of Novorossiya also allowed the Ukrainian military to exchange the staff at the new terminal roughly 50 for 50, thus replacing the tired and sick with new fresh troops.

The Ukrainian commander expressed his pleasure at meeting Novorossiya commanders such as Motorola. He also said that, in his view, "this is a brotherly war." This statement goes gravely against the position of the Kiev junta which calls it "Anti-terrorist Operation" and otherwise a war against Russian aggression. The Ukrainian commander also added that "no one needs this war." "But we are soldiers," he added, "and we do what we are told."

Motorola told the commander to take with them six Ukrainian soldiers, the Ukrainian military left behind in the old terminal.

Motorola also told the Ukrainian commander that he is mainly concerned about the Donetsk civilians because of what (i.e., shells) the Ukrainian side keeps sending them.

Motorola also told the Ukrainian commander that they should put things in order on their side. The Ukrainian soldier responded that this is not up to him or the Ukrainian soldiers. To set order is the responsibility of the higher-ups. However, he would like see some coming to terms.

At the beginning of the clip, Ukrainian soldiers in the truck said that they are tired of the war and that they have enough of it.

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