Wednesday, December 3, 2014

25 Years Ago: at the Malta Summit Gorbachev Signed the Biggest Capitulation Act in Mankind's History

25 years ago, on December 2-3, 1989, at the Malta summit (which was actually taking place on military ships), Gorbachev signed off the then finalized capitulation, which surrendered USSR-led socialism, the whole of Eastern Europe, the world socialist system, and the USSR itself as well (the subsequent developments were only an elaboration and filling in the details). As Andrey Fursov argues, this historical, epoch-making surrender was being prepared for decades within the Soviet establishment and its realization started in the 1970s. Fursov also notes that, for signing the capitulation act, Gorbachev came to Malta via Vatican where his Judas act was blessed by the Polish Pope.
What happened 25 years ago also helped to set the stage for the current comeback of Nazi Banderism in Ukraine and the Ukrainian war, which has a chance to escalate, widen, and explode.
And the Empire started to morph into a Fourth Reich.


Post scriptum: 

Gorbachev now wants to save the world (again) from war and, most likely, from Russia too, as he did in the late 1980s and the early 1990s in order to make the world and the US safe again for the New World Order:
Gorbachev declared that, in order to save the world from a looming big war, the form of relationship, which he had with the US in the late 1980s, ought to be resumed with him "ready to join the rebuilding process." To this effect, "he was [already] approached by several influential people from the U.S," by which he means Us "influential veterans," apparently his old buddies. Moreover, he made it very clear that by "the rebuilding process," he not only means a repeat of his "perestroika" in relation to Russia, with him playing a notable role again, but that by "rebuilding" he also means "building a New World Order."
And Gorbachev would like to help--by helping to lead this process.

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