Friday, December 12, 2014

The binary logic of the Ukrainian war is perfect (even its traps are perfectly clear to all)

For 23 years Russia was financing Ukrainian oligarchs, falsely assuming that they would love her for it. Now the EU became inspired and demands that Russia also finance the Kiev's war against both the Russians in Donbass and Russia since this is a good money-saving measure and it makes sense. According to the EU, Russia should also finance EU anti-Russian sanctions. For a promise that the EU will then love Russia again. After they think it over, of course, at some point in the future. For me, that sounds like a very good deal since Kiev is not going to return any money it owes to Russia anyway. This means that there is only way in which money can come (or go)--depending on where you stand.

On the part, Russian oligarchs would like to kiss and make up with their Ukrainian counterparts and comrades. So they are doing their best to bring together with the West the ruble down since doing this is perfectly rational and is currently their only way to make windfall profits (i.e., it allows them to rise prices in Russia and roll back Russians' wages at the same time).

And no one likes socialist or people's revolution. For Putin does not like it either. And we all support Putin.

Unless we support socialist Obama who hates Putin.

If there is some other alternative, please keep it to yourself. Unless you decide to post it below or unless you want to be really hated.

Fully confirmed and guaranteed by the Western left.

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