Monday, December 8, 2014

On the importance of people like Strelkov for Novorossiya and why ideals matter

Commander "Prapor" on Strelkov: "Strelkov is a Romantic, an idealist. A man of the nineteenth century. His actions are measured by that code of honor and dignity which these people used to uphold. And this means that his presence and character has also the power to lift up other people and make them better. That's also why his soul is transparent and open, and that's also why people love him and respect him. He is a selfless and honest man led by ideals. And when such a man at last appeared, people began to follow him at once. But we should not forget that the world of comfort and convenience has corrupted people. And to this people, a man like Strelkov appears naive. But we need leaders who are not corrupt. We need leaders with strong characters. Only a man endowed with a spirit can lead people in the struggle for their rights and freedom. ... We are fighting because we have a sense of debt and obligation to others and to our children and because of a keen, sharpened sense of justice. ... In Slavyansk, Strelkov slept on the floor like everyone else, was washing his clothes like everyone else and was also standing in a line for meals like everyone else. ... The Soviet Union fell apart not because of some war, but because of treason. ... Nations and states live not only on bread, but also on living ideas and ideals that sustain them. And ideas are living as long as people live them and as long as people together with their leaders remain true to them."

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