Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Novorossiya Cossacks: The People of Lugansk Have Had Enough of Corruption and Anti-Novorossiya Appeasement of the Banderites

Igor Plotnisky, the head of the Lugansk Republic, was compelled to state the following to Kiev (as well as Moscow): "We will not place ourselves under the jurisdiction [sovereignty] of Ukraine. This is the decision of our people, and I have not the right to change it."
Original: "Под юрисдикцию Украины мы не пойдем. Это решение народа, и я не имею право его менять", —
According to a fresh leak, the last round of the Minsk talks ended up in a diplomatically atypical way. After hearing the demands of the junta presented by Ukraine's former president and godfather of its oligarchs, Leonid Kuchma, the Lugansk and Donetsk representatives rose up and said, "Leonid Danilovich [Kuchma], go and f**k yourself," and left.

An open appeal to Vladimir Putin and to all Novorossiya supporters by Cossack commander Pavel Dremov and his comrades explains the sudden apparent, but loud breakaway of Igor Plotnisky from the Kremlin's official directive for Lugansk and Donetsk to get back into the fold of "the one, united Ukraine" with its Banderite whip. 

Dremov is addressing here himself directly to Vladimir Putin. He demands that Plotnisky resign. The grievances are substantial. For Dremov and the soldiers, Plotnisky is a "thief," and so is Surkov, the man entrusted with the Donbass portfolio.
Pavel Dremov speaking on behalf not only of his Cossacks, but many others in the Novorosssiya militia, makes it clear that these people had enough the ostrich and make-up policies, which they see as haughty, arrogant, and counter-productive. 
Dremov and his people demand that the Russian government finally recognize and wake up to the fact that Donbass or Novorossiya is defending Russia and fighting for Russia, that the people of Novorossiya are either Russians by birth or by their souls. There is no return to Kiev and no re-subordination to the Bandera-loving oligarchs.
According to Dremov, who expresses the prevailing consensus, the Minsk Agreements were "whorish."
The People of Lugansk Have Had Enough of Corruption and Anti-Novorossiya Appeasement of the Banderites. The people of Lugansk demand that Moscow finally hear, respect and also recognize their just struggle, will, self-determination, and sacrifice. They fight for Russia.

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