Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ukraine's rejection of bloc neutrality is now official: Ukrainian Parliament Adopted Poroshenko's pro-NATO bill

BREAKING: The Ukrainian Parliament cancelled Ukraine's official neutrality, the prohibition to enter a military alliance.

The bill was introduced by Poroshenko himself, Lavrov's "best chance for Ukraine" and "the man of peace" dubbed so by some circles in Moscow.

If Moscow started using the notion of "the common political space" as a politically seemingly less explicit term for "one and united Ukraine" as the key principle for the resolution of the conflict in Ukraine and the fate of Novorossiya, the text of Poroshenko's bill identifies the purpose of the cancellation of Ukraine's military, political and strategic neutrality with "integration into Euro-Atlantic space," which is, of course, a legible cipher for NATO.

Three out of the four bills, which were to follow Ukraine's rejection of military neutrality and the affirmation of its willingness to subordinate itself to NATO and its plans, are to fix the "strategic membership in NATO."

Poroshenko, the "best partner" of the Kremlin in Kiev and his Maidan buddies thus hurried to get this watershed legislation just in time so that it can be offered as a Christmas present both to Moscow and Washington, even though with a very different effect. And also just in time of the new coming round of the Minsk "talks" to which, as usual, the representatives of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics are invited mainly to be only handed decisions and documents, which had already been composed and agreed upon elsewhere.

The official rejection of Ukraine's neutrality, even without an official membership in NATO or its full completion, which might be formally still remote, does affirm that Ukraine under the Banderite regime is a NATO loyal and devoted proxy for which either independence or sovereignty is neither its choice nor its reality. This also affirms that the people of Ukraine are no longer merely hostage and property for their thieving oligarchs, but that their main utility is now defined as that of cannon balls and cannon fodder for a war with Russia.

So is Poroshenko the "best chance for Ukraine"? No, he was, is and remains Ukraine's best chance for war and self-destruction--at least because he as Ukraine's President is leading the ongoing Nazification and Banderization of the state and society, which never meant and was never supposed to produce peace. Not peace, but war.

Anyone who thought that Nazification can lead to peace was either politically incompetent or was lying.


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