Saturday, December 27, 2014

The "strategy" almost looks like an obstinate attempt to please and to collect brownie points, which cannot be even cashed in

Mark Sleboda: "Kremlin cedes territory to Kiev Putsch regime: Russian forces withdraw, Ukraine regime forces take full control of Chongar Peninsula, which connects Crimea to mainland Chongar holds vital water, gas, and electricity cutoff points for Crimea as well as highway and railroad transit to mainland which is why Russian and self-defense forces had originally taken it. ... Confirmed. Concession as part of "peace" deal with West and Kiev to show Russia has no further designs on "Ukrainian" territory."

So what else does the Nazi regime need? Recognition? Done. Legitimization? Done. 
Some compliments (addressed to Poroshenko)? Done. Pretending that Poroshenko is the head of one-man party of "peace" and declaring so ad nauseam? Done.
Gas? Done. Coal? It seems to have been done (first confirmed, the denied ... via an alleged "hacking" story). 
Discounts? Done. Not demanding money (credits) back? Done. 
Acceptance of the "territorial integrity" and unity of Ukraine as the principle that tops all the others? Done. 
Rescinding the "right to protect" Russians and other people of Donbass from war crimes and genocide? Done.
Not holding Poroshenko and the junta responsible and liable for the deaths and destruction in Odessa and in Donbass? Done. 
Not taking Mariupol and ceding a large swath of territory around it? Done. 
Forcing the most popular and capable commander of Novorossiya out of Novorossiya? Done.
Letting the junta resupply and replace its troops at the Donetsk airport? Done. 
Asking the brave people of Donbass to "postpone" their referendum (like forever)? Done.
Not recognizing the referendum in Donetsk and Lugansk? Done. 
Not recognizing the elections in Donetsk and Lugansk? Done. Time? Done.

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