Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Lithuanian minister of Ukraine's economy says Ukraine is bankrupt, but there is an easy way of how to save it

Reportedly, one can buy in Ukraine a hand grenade at the black market for about 100 dollars. (

So an average Ukrainian pension is close to one half of a grenade. (

This means that, while the IMF heads, now in the visit to Kiev, are now trying to conjure up some salvation recipe for bankrupt Ukraine, the solution to the problem is at hand: 1. retirees should be paid in grenades and other lethal ammunition, with one grenade being enough for two months of social security, and 2. the grenade ought to replace the hryvnia as the national currency.

With the large weapons stockpiles left over from the Soviet Union and ongoing NATO military aid, the fascist junta or Ukraine should not have a problem of quicly restoring its liquidity.

There would be, of course, some deal of irony in this, including the irony of having to rely on using and depleting old Soviet-made grenades in order to save a fascist regime and IMF neoliberal economics. But life itself is ironic, isn't it? And this elegant solution will also give a new meaning to "austerity measures" and "supply economics."  And many other things.

I can even recommend for free, as well, a little additional safety measure: don't tell the retirees or the beneficiaries about the safety pins.

With a bit of such non-standard approach, Ukraine or its Banderite Nazification of the country might perhaps even pull it off.

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