Thursday, December 25, 2014

Igor Strelkov's Christmas Eve Statement

Igor Strelkov's statement made on the Christmas Eve:
1. As we speak, Ukraine is being armed and trained by the US and its allies.
2. Ukraine is preparing itself for a full scale war with Russia.
3. Moscow so-called negotiators are not telling the truth when they say that Kiev (or Poroshenko) is striving for peace. The opposite is true.
4. The Kiev junta has been welcoming and organizing on its territory Russian Nazis who are training there and forming military units. Their goal is first to assist with reconquest and cleansing of Donbass and then to begin military actions in the Russian Federation.
5. That Novorosssiya ceases to exist is in the interest and pursed as a goal by Russian oligarchy and the higher bureaucracy whose financial (and class) interests and capital are tied with the West and are located in the  West. It is also on them on whom the West relies and whom the West pressures in order to secure capitulation.
6. In Russia, there are, however, still significant patriotic forces who have risen in response to the events in Ukraine.
7. Without the full destruction of the junta and its forces, there can be no solid peace and the crisis cannot be resolved.

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