Monday, December 22, 2014

Did George W. Bush kill the BoBos? Did Obama save them from extinction?

The last and almost forgotten moments from the time when hypocrisy and snobbery felt innocent and almost godly at the end of all ideological wars for the sake of the elites for which comfort became conscience and conscience was comfort (provided one was rich enough to afford it), when the first presidency of George W. Bush was still very young together with its virginal innocence (if there was ever such a thing):

"They are 'bourgeois bohemians' - or 'Bobos' - and they're the new 'enlightened élite' of the information age, their lucratively busy lives a seeming synthesis of comfort and conscience ... It is a reverse Midas touch: everything a Bobo touches turns to spirituality, everything has to be about enlightenment. Even their jobs are a mission to improve the world ... I've been thinking about Bobos for months; they are all around me, and they've been a long time coming, in a sense, a no-brainer, an inevitable "end of history" phenomenon, with all ideological wars ended, religious schisms over.' ... and the BBC, the BBC is a red-hot centre of Boboism ... but [they] are relatively unmoved by lies or transgressions that don't seem to do anyone any obvious harm.' ... We have reached the point, says Brooks, where 'the hedonism of Woodstock mythology has been domesticated and now serves as a management tool for the Fortune 500. ... Gone are the Sixties-era things ... like free love, and retained are all the things that might be of interest to middle-aged hypochondriacs ..."

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