Monday, December 1, 2014

How the EU sacrificed Ukraine to the Banderite oligarchy and their pro-Nazi putsch, which they sponsored and cheered on--out of their hate of the Russians

The EU was willing to sacrifice Tymoshenko (by letting her sit in prison) in exchange for Yanukovich's sacrificing Ukraine to the US geopolitical project and change of the military and political map of Europe. When Yanukovich refused in the last second (while asking for much more money, i.e. aid), the EU and the US turned on the Maidan and sacrificed Ukraine anyway--but not to the Banderite/Nazi putsch (called the Maidan) and the militarized dictatorship of Ukrainian oligarchs who ditched Yanukovich. Of course, after the US, Merke bears a major share of responsibility for this. For supporting the comeback of Nazism in Ukraine and for destroying peace and stability in Europe.

The German Spiegel discovered at last that coldly smiling Merkel entwined Germany with support of Nazism again (together with the EU) and that this has brought us to the bring of a major war.

Consensual politics towards Russia? That was one thing the EU and Stefan Fule could not accept (or consent with):

"Berlin pursued a principles-driven foreign policy that made it a virtual taboo to speak with Russia about Ukraine. "Our ambitious and consensual policy of the eastern partnership has not been followed with ambitious and consensual policy on Russia," Füle says. "We were unable to find and agree on an appropriate engagement policy towards Russia."

"We need several billion euros in aid very quickly," Yanukovych said. ...
"Stefan, if we sign, will you help us?" Yanukovych asked.

Füle was speechless. "Sorry, we aren't the IMF.

Wow! There were "secret numbers" involved--kept secret from the Ukrainian people and revealed only in the last second?

Where do these numbers come from?" he finally demanded. "I am hearing them for the first time." They are secret numbers, Yanukovych replied.

"Can you imagine what would happen if our people were to learn of these numbers, were they to find out what convergence with the EU would cost our country?"

... And then came the "bold chess move" that had previously been hinted at. Barroso said that Brussels would be willing to abandon its demand that Tymoshenko be released.

Yanukovych was dumbfounded. Didn't Brussels understand that other issues had long since become more important?

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