Thursday, December 11, 2014

OK, It's time to panic: Western men have become brainwashed way too much ... by way too much assertive women

I believe that Western man is the most threatened creature and man on earth.

Not only the US military budget proves it--and it is almost as big as what the rest of the world spends on war--and not only because of all the threats one is constantly being informed, while the media and politicians are constantly trying to conceal the real ones, but it is also because, having ruled the word for a few centuries now, Western man now suffers from having "no self-esteem." And it is the fault of Western women. For most part.

Clearly I have nothing else to do at the moment: Paul Joseph Watson is afraid (or mad?) that men are giving up on women and therefore checking out of society. Since I did not give up on women, then I must not have checked out of society. Good. I guess.

Watson thinks that this is especially a problem of young Western men and those who have parents with a lot of money. And it is a fault of radical feminism. Women have become way too confident, they even say (as they used to?) one thing, while they mean something else, which young undereducated men have never learned from the government or from the peers or which they would never do themselves. They are thus utterly confused, traumatized, and afraid.

Men thus feel utterly victimized by women, society, feminism and the supposed pressure to misrepresent themselves as white knights and nice guys. On top of it (besides numerous one night stands, while "doing other things"), Western men feel that they are actually being perversely Japanized---into Herbivores.

Men are pathetic, and it must be certainly a fault of someone else. A fault of someone stronger and smarter than them. Western femininity is killing Western manhood and masculinity. Men no longer feel secure to be jerks. And they miss that. That hurts.

Much of this sounds almost true. If men were men, they would know how to stand up against the returning fascism. Instead, they feel the battle, which makes this post possibly more popular than other political posts and which is the one for them to pick is to start whining about all the women they are afraid of.

Being a real man now "looks too much like hard work." Spoiled and insecure men don't like that. Not fair.

Securing a consent from a woman feels to these poor men still very arbitrary and tyrannical. Men feel to be a victim of "hysterical propaganda" surrounding the old "rape culture."

"Naturally rambunctious behavior" of men has been "deadened." Men are no longer either natural or rambunctious. They started to think too much. But not really that effectively. The previous unthinking attitude got things done.

Men feel "educationally abandoned" and "dysfunctional."

Men can no longer relate to the opposite sex. They handle games much better.
Perhaps women did not take them out for a walk ... like ever. Outside.

This is "derailing the cohesiveness of Western society, and this is the most ominous form of social engineering. This is divide and conquer on the biggest scale imaginable."

Men's fear of women? Nah.

Western self-love and hypocrisy. But that would mean to be way too self-critical.

Too much to ask from Western men so brutally oppressed by feminism.

So let's blame it on Eve (again)! (And let's not even bring up Lilith!)

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