Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Thinking is a Job of Clearing ... and Cleaning ... That's Why It Can Be Only a Calling, Not a Career ... But, in General, Western Political Thought Knows Only of Two Main Forms of Philosophical Hygiene--Either the Socratic Way or the Way of Nietzsche

The Load of Shots
(Hillary-White Man’s Burden)

Take up the load of crap and deuce,
Send forth the best you breed
To hedge funds and its fleecing fees
To have your captives serve your needs,

Wait in heavy harness as half-devil
And half-child if your wanting half
Is ever to reign supreme and complete.
Take up the load of crap and deuce!

Should you veil your threat of terror,
Then go and disguise your pride
By a rant of twofold speech—
One for the banks on savage wars

And the other for the folks just waiting
To be taken for a ride.
To them be good and even
Mildly true and dumb.

Take up the load of crap and deuce!
Take up the savage wars of peace!
And sell them few times over
For a prayer and a straight face lie!

Fill full their mouth with flux and deuce!
And bid that sickness to grow and abide.
And when your goal is nearest,
Then let others be your nulls and fools.  

Take up the load of crap and deuce!
Freedom is for muffs when the mind
Is but a piece to be picked by sweepers
If your ego goes on to swell and plow

Into their crania, holes and cracks,
The common tale of toiling serfs
Whom power marks as dead
And mortgage—all in advance.

Take up the load of dung and stool
And reap and heap its ancient reward
—selling crime and wicked terror
As your virgin, pious, simple bride.

Take up the load of poop and dung
And turn the world into its final, closing night
And dare not stoop to less—if you pawn
To the devil your soiled, redundant soul,

Weariness, scruples and remorse.
Take up the load of crap and deuce!
If man is to be to man a swine,
Then let him stand on twos!

October 15, 2016

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