Thursday, October 6, 2016

"Govorit Moscow": A popular Moscow radio host is telling the Russians that the smartest and the right thing to do is to betray Syria and President Assad, but to keep the naval base there

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эРэФо биксоты.Говорит Москва- фм: "Асад- наглая,иранская марионетка,пора его сливать.Он нам мешает вести диалог с США"
Sergey Dorenko is hosting a popular Russian radio program, “Govorit Moskva” (Thus Speaks Moscow, which uses the phrase made famous on the Moscow Radio during the Great Patriotic War). In his latest, almost-two-hour long program, Dorenko told his Russian audience that the Kremlin had one political, geopolitical ambition—to re-enter the likes of the US. For this much else was sacrificed and is being sacrificed. 

I would add that, to regain the status of the most favored Russian leadership in the last one hundred years would be equivalent for the Russian “elite” (rather anti-elite) to Fukuyama’s desire for recognition—for recognition of the masters of the earth as being also somehow superior to anyone else and thus better than others—“thymotic” recognition of being superior, which, for Fukuyama and Straussians, is what makes any tyrant or tyrant in making tick. 

Thus, in trying to “enlighten” the Russian listeners about where Russia and its leaders are today, Sergey Dorenko made the following statements:

  • Russia should make it up to the US and betray Assad for Assad is an Iran's puppet (at 1:34:20 of recording).
  • Assad is "an impudent Iranian puppet" wrecking Russia's deals with US. Russia needs and should sell, betray Assad (at 1:35:30 of the recording).
  • For Moscow, Assad was (supposed to be) just a “pawn.” The Kremlin does not care and never really cared about him. We just wanted to score points with US (at 1:38:00 of the recording). 
  • A listener calls, an arms, arms deals specialist: Russia is selling to Qatar missiles, knowing that the weapons go to the anti-Assad rebels. 1:19:00.

According to BBC News, Dorenko told Echo of Moscow radio at the time that "on 29th August the president proposed that I join his team, as he put it, and stay at Channel 1 to be his favourite and best-loved journalist."

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